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FEF Community Covid-19 Projects

Our community comprises mostly impoverished BAME groups. These have been hit in three ways.

(a) Many unable to leave home due to critical health conditions, or acute anxiety about Covid19. Most have few opportunities to meet friends and relations, often to the detriment of their mental health;

(b) have lost jobs/self-employment;

 (c) suffered Covid19-related bereavement of the main breadwinners in their households. Our community also includes rough sleepers, and undocumented migrants.

Courtesy of voluntary effort and limited donations we’ve been supporting 400 such people daily through basics such as food, and working with them to help them open up about their concerns, and support their wellbeing, also help with job-hunting, cvs, training and volunteering options

We want to take this to activity to a new level by setting up an online campaign (Frugal YouTube Channel)  including a musical/entertainment show to engage more with those affected by the crisis, to serve to engage people as follows:

  • Provide a “way in” to introduce them to the project and for them to connect with what we are offering, to overcome the initial reluctance that some potential beneficiaries have to engage
  • Help bond beneficiaries together with by providing a common point of reference, to encourage mutual support
  • Providing some entertainment and enjoyment to support the beneficiaries’ wellbeing
  • To foster participation, phoning in to share experience and ideas

We’ll promote project involvement via our networks, service providers, community members, local/social media, publicity materials. Our budget includes food and basic supplies for those in urgent need. This project will teach us how we can help more vulnerable people and motivate greater community engagement during Covid19 restrictions and the future.   So, we also  include the cost of hiring a professional to evaluate our experience and draft a business plan to help us chart a forward path  

Our projects is meeting priorities

First priority – we’ll bring people together via our You Tube channel/other social media platforms. This will motivate them to engage with each other and all sections of the community in the Borough of Greenwich, as will the food parcels, wellbeing and job-hunting support we plan to offer. Also, the project will attract new volunteers and through working together as growing team community members from all walks of life will bond where before they may have thought they had nothing in common  

Third priority – this applies because in encouraging new activities during the Covid19 crisis, (eg in lockdown or other restrictive situations) they may discover new abilities and interests and gain renewed wellbeing and self-confidence, and motivation to become more engaged in their community,  and in some cases brush up on skills or develop new skills. Help with job hunting will have similar benefits plus improved employment and life prospects    

How our project is meeting the need of our community

We are having regular chats with a large number of community members through meeting and supporting 400 local vulnerable people (including elderly and homeless people) by delivering food parcels. We have also engaged with many others whom we offer support and guidance, and those in our community who come forward to volunteer. We are made aware every day of the disproportionate challenges and difficulties this BAME community is suffering, made much worse by effects of the Covid19 pandemic

Pre Covid19 we carried out  one-to-one and group conversations and surveys with 30 homeless people within the borough, plus many local people and community groups, and members of the local church St Luke’s, Charlton, councillors and officers of the Royal Borough of Greenwich. We have established a project committee to support co-production, and an interactive content page on our website known as News & Blog, and a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, where we release latest news.

Through these means, the communities have contributed to project development, and will go on to support delivery. We’ve received much input on their needs, and many ideas to aid planning, scheduling and provision

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