Mrs Deborah’s

Mrs Deborah Osajie

Mrs Deborah Osajie, originally from Edo State, Nigeria. Who has suffered internal illness as a result of her disability. She is some defects on her arms, legs and eyes which lead her unable to work.
she live as an orphan in a small town call Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria

Why we aided her

Mrs Deborah gave birth to a baby boy at Calvary Hospital and was unable to pay her medical bill, the man who believed to have been responsible for her pregnancy ran away due to lack of fund.

Support Mrs Deborah

Frugal Empowerment came to her rescue after conducting a fundraising and pleaded with supporters to support the cause. Eventually people supported the cause most of whom are from UK .
Today, Mrs Deborah Osajie, has been discharged from the hospital with all her bills cleared by Frugal Foundation through her donors. The community was overwhelmed with joy when they say what the Frugal Foundation has done in the life

since over two years , Frugal Foundation still continues in their efforts to support Deborah, providing her a means of livelihood, offered scholarship to her baby “Godwin”

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