Stronger Communities

Together, We are stronger Building on our community work in the London Borough of Greenwich, our project will run a series of “Caring Saturday” events to enable communities to come together and engage with and support local people facing social isolation and loneliness and other vulnerable groups We will facilitate these events by arranging for … Read more


The prevention or relief of poverty anywhere in the world, but particularly in the UK, by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient Supporting community in Greenwich. Show kindness at As our efforts to support the … Read more

Gombe State

Love without boarders, as the Frugal Foundation humanitarian activities is taking a huge positive impact the lives of Gombe People (Wala Jala) community support Gombe community Weekly/Monthly at our vision is clear, to love, care and support others to succeed. As poverty affects human lives indiscriminately, so is our passion to support those in a … Read more

Adamawa State

We’re on a mission to secure lives especially the lives of the less privileged you too can be a part of this Nation building Support at

Oyo State

Our heart goes out to those who can’t afford a decent living because of set backs We’re certain that with little the little put together greater changes will occur support at Spotify Promotion

Edo State

Every day, our program initiatives work towards removing youths from the streets. We focus on Talent Development, Skill Acquisition, and Charity efforts to uplift the community in Edo. Join us in supporting the Edo community through donations. FEF is making a significant impact in Edo State by caring for widows. Our organization plays a crucial … Read more

Bayelsa State

We understand the challenges our community is currently passing through. We are working hard daily with those who understand our life saving vision to bring people together and make them speak one word and get things done for the benefit of others. Support Bayelsa community at

Borno State

The Frugal Empowerment Foundation (FEF) is actively engaged in a range of impactful humanitarian projects aimed at improving the lives of crisis-affected communities in Borno State. With a strong focus on water, sanitation, hygiene, community empowerment, and diversity celebration, FEF’s initiatives address immediate needs while fostering sustainable development. Today, the 14th February 2023, we are … Read more

Plateau State

Free training offered to 200 Widows at Plateau State by FEF. Aimed to empowered them on Liquid Soap, Disinfectants and Petroleum Jelly production Plateau Widows yearn for joy as Frugal Foundation engaged them on Skill Tranings Caring Saturday’s FEF 300k live impact this November-December 2022, Plateau State as one of the beneficiary Caring Saturday’s Event … Read more