Hilda Muna-Covid-19

Frugal Founder said ”One of the thing I understand about Hilda Muna is her ability to multi task in doin her musical project. I have no doubt Hilda is born musician because she is supper talented with golden voice” we hope the world acknowledged soon




Hilda Muna, she a musical artist discovered by Frugal Empowerment Foundation in Plateau State Nigeria since 2017

Her passion for music was discovered due to her humanitarian mission for the less privilege and the vulnerable people living around the world today. Her extra ordinary talent is that she can have a look what is happening around you and sing it out.

In the awake of Covid-19 Pandemic that began ending of 2019 in Wuhan China which has now become a Global Pandemic Crisis the  world has ever encountered, with over 40,000,000 infected and up to 1,119,232  people death according to ”European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control” as of 20th October 2020.

Hilda analyses the covid-19 situation, see what the world is passing through right now, with millions of people loss their lives and other battling with the disease, ”One Thing Was Left Undone” Hilda said. supposed people around the world sees themselves as one,  this virus could have been contained in Huhan before it even spread across China not even to be giving room to spread across the world today, as the virus kills indiscriminately, so we realized,  we are one people who spread across nations irrespective of your color or race.

As lot of people await the video which contained world leaders reactions towards the situation,  according to the producer, we urges fans to download the audio track for more clarity about the song.

I am selling this music track Covid-19, to support Frugal Foundation on her ‘Free Child Education’ programs across various IDP camps in Nigeria and other part of the world

Please download to support my campaign





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