Music Newsletter

Welcome Frugal Entertainment Music Newsletter 

I am personally delighted to welcome you to the maiden edition of the Frugal Music Entertainment monthly Newsletter. This became necessary as we continue to find ways to bring to the public space all the activities of the Frugal Music Entertainment.

Over the years Frugal Music Entertainment under the auspices of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation have been giving opportunities to local artist who lack the support to rise to limelight due to their background, or economic statues.

This music label is the hope and support to all upcoming artists to give them a leap to reach their career peak in the music industry.

January Newsletter 

This Newsletter will continue to bring updates of all the activities and new strides we achieve in every passing month and give consistent update on the activities of all the artists under the Frugal Music Entertainment Music label.

Because this publication is continuous, our focus in this maiden edition is basically introductory, as we progress in the coming editions, more elaborate details and interviews as well as monthly updates of our artists will continue to grace the pages of this newsletter. Enjoy the read.

FEF at United Nation, Abuja

We believe that every young person should have a chance to change their life, through music. But research shows that many can’t because of who they are, where they’re from or what they’re going through.
We are willing to support them through our insights, influence, and investment in grassroots organisations, we make sure more young people aged