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ZAMBIA - Frugal Empowerment Foundation


Welcome to Frugal Foundation Zambia

Frugal Foundation Zambia Charity Project aimed to empower Zambia communities in three categories which are Agriculture, Education and Entertainment. The event, which attracted over three hundred community members including men, women, and children went very successful as members of the community felt the impact of togetherness and coming to voice their needs the area where assistant could be provided by the foundation going forward. Thanks to our supporter, members and volunteers. Indeed we are grateful for your support. You can support the Zambia community at


Support Zambia community at

Frugal Foundation Launching Zambia

That they may understand the benefits of togetherness and building a united community that may guaranteed fairness, justice and prosperity

As we step forward launching the Frugal Empowerment Foundation in Zambia, we will be giving you regular updates on how we are empowering young people in this location.

We are now recuiting now in Zambia

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Today, the 26th April 2022, we announce the Frugal Empowerment Foundation’s presence in Zambia. Our project in this country is centred on Education/Skills, Agriculture, Entertainment, Sport as well as Charity. Support Zambia project at Donate

Frugal Zambia May 28th 2022

The event earlier scheduled for today, the 21th May 2022, has now been rescheduled to next week, the 28 May 2022. This delay is due to our effort to ensure a wider communty is impacted through it. We understand how frustrated news like this can be and we are truly for the inconviences.

We will carrying out our engagement in partnership with the indigenous charity ‘Welfare Concerns International’ Zambia as an organization which has build a strong ties with the local communities in Livingstone and Kazungula on many successful projects aiding the orphans and young children.

We are delivering on key projects such as Leadership, Agriculture, Entertainment (Music and Dancing), sports and Caring Saturday’s charity event.




Music & Dancing