Mr Frugal

Mr Frugal, a man full of intellect and visionaries.

  • Who is Mr Frugal? “Geniuses, goes the popular saying , “Thrives in the garret but ends up in palaces”. This simple philosophy stated above is akin to Mr. Frugal inspiring life, experiences, journey or odyssey who rose from the ashes of poverty, deprivation, degradation and great challenges to become very accomplished or successful and more so as great a icon, by sheer of his kind disposition in helping to reshape the life of the less privileged and putting smiles on their faces. More about Mr Frugal at

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Mr Frugal-INECk

Mr Frugal-Shake Ya Waist Music Video Set To Be Release Imminently

Mr Frugal Intented to Dress in a Unic Style

Mr Frugal (Peter Osezua) Founder of Frugal Empowerment Foundation and Frugal Companies intends to dress in a unic style to enable his media followers identifies with him more easily. Please Stay tune for Mr Frugal updated public profile.

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Mr Frugal-Shake Ya waist song launched.

The new music release by Mr Frugal has drown a lot of attention as Fans testifies about the sweetness of the song. Now available on play stores

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Mr Frugal Lauching Music Single: Shake Ya Waist.

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Mr Frugal, The Man With Multi Vision

Mr Frugal Impacts

Mr Frugal is known as a man of many faces, talented and extremely intelligent multifaceted human being, through this man, million of less privileged lives has been touched positively and over a thousand talented youths have been empowered in Nigeria, UK and Greece.

Mr Frugal Sponsored the 300k Crisis Victims Humanitarian Impact, Novermebr 2022

Mr Frugal as a Humanitarian

Mr Frugal saw the rightly level of poverty confronting the less privilege in our community and do something to resolve the crisis, through mr frugal, over a million lives has been save and touched. his passion for the less privilege began back in June 2017 when he released a video titled: ”What is Happening To Us”. having see the communities suffering due to lack of disunity and lack of supportive encouragement . watch the video below

Since this moment, Mr Frugal had never stopped delivering on humanity projects in Africa, Europe and other continents. He is endowed with the passion to save humanity at all cost. since 2017, Mr Frugal having founded organisation ”Frugal Empowerment Foundation is the only charity organisation who has not be founded by any public organization but provides evidence of his daily work. This means Frugal Empowerment Foundation works and reports evidence of her works for the 364 days of the year. this was possible because of Mr Frugal as a result of his passion for humanity

Mr Frugal,the hope for a falling nation

Mr Frugal The Hope For The Elderly

Mr Frugal the hope for uniting community

Mr Frugal the hope for the talented youths

Mr Frugal is taking the hopeless youths off the street daily

MR Frugal weeps for less privileged

Mr Frugal #SaveTheChild

Mr Frugal help the widows

Mr Frugal Aiding the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

Mr Frugal Leadership and vision

Mr Frugal vision for Africa nations