The minds that we trained, is saving lives daily. Join us celebrate the humanitarian icon Mr Abraham, a young man who have been actively working to aid the IDPs and other less privileged in his community Benue State, Nigeria.


We remain focused in our efforts to impact lives and bring positive changes in our communties daily. This is because we get your full support, you understand the pain around us, seeing community members suffering due to lack of opportunities. More at Gombe State

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Giboskil at the front page today. At live performance with Seun Kuti. More at Giboskil Music

As we push forward to empowering talented music artists across Nigeria this December 2021. We are planning more music video shoots, we are checking which of our favourite celebrities will be featured. The time is now, let’s do it for our nation. More at Music Entertainment

Stay tuned for FEF leadership campaign FRUGAL LEADERSHIP

We understand the dangers even as the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS) hardly afford daily meals
Our worries is what happens if they are not educated about the covid-19 guidelines and sensitization, we are working with Federal ministry of health FMH Nigeria to ensure that the IDPS parents and children are sensitized during this season. Monthly, we Support IDPs across various states in Nigeria 🇳🇬. Support at

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We understand the challenges our community is currently passing through,

We are working hard daily with those who understand our life saving vision to bring people together and make them speak one word and get things done for the benefit of other. More at FRUGAL LEADERSHIP

Let celebrate Nigeria today, Frugal Foundation will be live on YouTube and Facebook, lot of music and interacting section

As we continue to save the children’s lives,
Here is Teyi & Aleri, frustrated and abandoned due to the crisis in Plateau State, Frugal empowerment Foundation SaveTheChild is giving them hope,

Currently they gained admission into primary education and are now under Frugal Foundation’s Care as our efforts to save these affected victims especially children grows.

This task is huge as we cannot do this alone.

Please, we will welcome anyone who is willing to volunteer or support these children’s welfare with School fee, clothing, Other children upkeeps.
When you bless a child who is in need, God, will in turn Bless you abundantly.
Support Teyi & Aleri weekly/monthly at

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Thank you 🙏 as you support these children grow

We lost Mrs Mabel Onabulu, but her love remains in our heart. More at Mrs Mabel Onabulu . Support the elderly at <a href=”″ target=”_blank”><img src=”″ alt=”Donate through Give as you Live Donate” width=”auto” /></a>

We are on YouTube Premier today at 8:45PM UK time. Get the latest Humanitarian music from FEF

More at Miss Eunice Ikpanor (FEF Manager Benue Sate)

21st August 2021 at 6:30pm UK time. #SaveTheChild

You must be the change you want to see in the world.
Most times poverty isn’t just about hungry, being naked and homeless alone.
The greatest form of poverty is being unloved, uncared and unwanted
But kindness is a language that even the deaf can hear
Love is necessary for a healthy life
21st August 2021, we are launching #savethechild campaign to enable us care for little children at crisis environment in Nigeria. Be part of this at #savethechild

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More at #savethechild
More at #savethechild

As historic unfolds, we bring you the list of Humanitarian Music Artist empowered by Frugal Foundation. Watch them live tomorrow as FEF present on ITV Abuja and on live streaming YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

our mission is clear. To love, Care and support others to succeed

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The Frugal Moment on ITV Abuja, and on our YouTube channel. Witness the experience of live savers and the youth Empowerment programs . Sponsored by Frugal Empowerment Foundation

Today, we launched Frugal Foundation leadership forum in Borno State Nigeria, to enable us connect and educate young people about the significance of a good leadership in their community. Adding, Frugal Founder, Mr Peter Osezua said “with the three principles of the Frugal Foundation, which are “ to Care, love and support others to succeed”, we believed we can get this falling nation back on track”.

The Frugal Moment on ITV

We are making the voices of the less privileged heard in our community. Watch us on ITV, every Saturdays at 8:30pm Nigeria and UK time. #savethechild


Save a Child’s monthly at #savethechild

With heavy hearts,we received the shocking news earlier today, the 29th May 2021, We lost our beloved little David (at Daudu IDP Camp who recently lost his mum during childbirth) to the cold arms of death

All we can say to all who showed concern and support towards the child’s upkeep is that, we are grateful and we regret that the outcome isn’t positive.

We fear if Baby David’s three (3) other siblings may survive during this trying moment they are the victims of the crisis between the Fulani Herdsmen and the Indigenous Local Farmers in Benue State, Nigeria. If you wish to help this family, please do that by donating through our payment partner

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May his gentle soul rest in peace A

You must be the change you want to see in the world.
Most times poverty isn’t just about hungry, being naked and homeless alone.
The greatest form of poverty is being unloved, uncared and unwanted
But kindness is a language that even the deaf can hear
Love is necessary for a healthy life
Today, we launched the #savethechild campaign to enable us care for little children at crisis environment. Be part of this at #savethechild

Our determination to save a child’s life grows daily.
with £1 or £5 monthly, you can help feed a child.

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LAUNCHING THE FRUGAL ENTERTAINMENT AS A RECORD LEBEL. Please do not miss this. More at Music Entertainment

Our determination to save a child’s life grows daily. Support kids Weekly/Monthly at Kids

Save a child live weekly/monthly at Kids

A great man is always willing to be little, Because when you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy,care and support to yourself and others. Make room for it, because for every person you meet, knows something you need to learn from

Hilda Muna-Africa Lady

As history will tell, Hilda Muna, through her humanitarian music, shaping the music industry. On her song track “Africa Lady’s” highlighted the beauty of the Africa Ladies and how the world should view the continent as a whole. She said “If you are not from Africa, you are missing something and you need to learn more”. Find out what she is referring to by playing the song below

Be the first to listen to this song at Hilda Muna Music page

How Frugal Foundation is supporting community during COVID-19 in Woolwich and Greenwich. More at United Kingdom

Be the first to play this song at Hilda Muna Music page

Supporting the less privileged (IDPs) more at Benue state . Provide for crisis victims at Donate

The nucleus of the Frugal Foundation

Our You Engagement Sucess (Frugal Talent Development Initative. FTDI). Now on TV

FRUGAL FOUNDATION TRUSTEES currently in Lagos, Nigeria, as their efforts to empower the talented youths grows.

New music video release by Hilda Muna-Mashup ft 10 popular artists song tracks. Audio downloads at Shop

There are Heroes whose performance will never be forgotten in the history of our nation. One of them is Miss Eunice Ekpanor, Benue State Manager of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation. Through this young lady, over 12,000 human lives have been affected positively in Benue State, especially lives of the crisis victims at Daudu IDP camp have been touched in no small measure. The genuine of human kindness is birthed in this beautiful heroine and we hope the world recognises the significant roles she is playing in our community today. Thank you Eunice. Support Eunice to touch more lived in Benue state Donate #IsupportEunice

AISHA AND MUSTAPHA is going blind, you can stop it at

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More at Kids

Aisha And Mustapha is going blind, you can stop this with your support


As the Covid-19 virus continues to spread across the world, authorities working hard to combat the spread and to save lives, the fear, whether to take vaccine, which provides hope as a source of remedy to cure the disease. More at Covid-19 Project UK

Do Not Let This Baby Die Kids

Twin Babies who lost Mum at birth battles for survival Twin baby lost their mum
More details at Kids

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As our efforts to support the elderly grows, Uplands UK

Elderly UK


As many wonders the strength behind the great nation building charitable organisation “Frugal Empowerment Foundation”, this month, we are celebrating the heroes whose great contributions have impacted over 778,170 less privileged’s lives within 4 years. Thank you 🙏 for believing in us.

Hilda Muna on a sport light on her new music release “Mashup” ft Davido, FireBoy and 8 other popular artists. Just like yesterday as Frugal Foundation starting her mission empowering this young lady, today we can testify our efforts to empower the youths are working. It proof there is so much we can be when we support one another to succeed. Hilda Muna Music Project


Our great appreciation to sponsors, members, trustees for making this possible.

Over 2000 people were provided for, entertained and empowered at wala waja Community, Gombe State Nigeria. 26th September 2020. Sponsored by FEF