The GYMPAC event now on YouTube Premiere and is due to watch 18th August 2023 at 6PM UK time

The FEF GYMPAC Award Ceremony Event, A Huge Surcess. Courtesy: Mayor Dominic Mbang Greenwich

The Frugal Empowerment Foundation extended its heartfelt gratitude to the participants, special guests, and notable figures who attended the spectacular July 1st event, titled “Greenwich Youth Music Performance and Award Ceremony.” The evening was filled with remarkable talent, inspiring performances, and an electrifying atmosphere.

The event, held at the Tramished 51-53 Woolwich New Road, celebrated the exceptional musical prowess of the youth in the community while recognizing their dedication and commitment to the art of music. Under the patronage of the Mayor of Greenwich, His Worship, Councillor Dominic Mbang, the ceremony brought together renowned artists, dignitaries, and community members in a harmonious celebration of talent and creativity.

The Mayor Speech

The Frugal Empowerment Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals through education and skill development, organized the event to showcase the incredible abilities of young musicians and inspire them to pursue their passion. The foundation firmly believes in the transformation power of music and its ability to empower individuals.

The Mayor of Greenwich, His Worship, Councillor Dominic Mbang, who commended the participants for their outstanding performances, encouraged them to continue pursuing their musical aspirations. The Mayor expressed his pride in the youth of Greenwich and their dedication to the arts.

Adding an extra touch of glamour to the event, Lady Marga, G-Flamez, and Ramz Nic, renowned guest artists, who took to the stage and delivered awe-inspiring performances that left the audience captivated. Their incredible talent and passion for music served as an inspiration to the young musicians in attendance.

The Frugal Empowerment Foundation appreciates all the participants who showcased their musical abilities during the event. Their hard work, talent, and dedication were evident in each performance, and the foundation recognized their potential to become future stars in the music industry.

The event was a resounding success, with attendees applauding the Frugal Empowerment Foundation for providing the Frugal Music Academy platform for young musicians to showcase their skills. The foundation reaffirmed its commitment to supporting and empowering talented individuals in the community and announced plans for future events and initiatives.

The Frugal Empowerment Foundation looks forward to continuing its mission of empowering individuals through education, skills development, and music, fostering a community of talented individuals who will shape the future with their creativity and passion.


We are excited to extend an invitation to the upcoming ‘Greenwich Youth Music Performance & Award Ceremony’ (GYMPAC) on July 1, 2023, sponsored by FEF. Join us for an unforgettable showcase of talented young artists and musicians receiving awards for their exceptional performances. To secure your spot, please register now @ Signup