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Mr. Frugal’s Birthday Bash: A Heartfelt Thank You to Sponsors, Trustees, and Volunteers for Impacting 300k Kids in Nigeria

As many who wonder about the strength of this community organisation, we share with you, our sponsors whose contributions has never made us fail. THANK YOU

10,000 lives impact because of you

list of sponsors for the April 16th 2022 Caring Saturday’s event below. thank you ? Frugal Foundation said. More at Caring Saturday’s

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Great heroes whom have selflessly made unimaginable impacts in the lives of the less privileged

Heroes that impact our society on daily basis. We celebrate your great impact always.

We’re glad you joined us in this mission of saving lives we are sincerely grateful for your supports

In your generosity towards our projects, we have come back to say thank you so much

Because of you, we have a smile on a depressed face today. This alone means so much to us. Thank you

Your supports are hugely appreciated because they’ve given hope to a depressed crisis victim

Thank you for your generosity, for your selfless service to humanity and sincere supports

As the Frugal Empowerment Foundation’s ability to lead in the humanitarian industry grows exponentially, we present to you, the list of our sponsors who has been the strength behind our success. To us, we said “thank you very much”

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For the smiles you put on the faces of crisis victims we want to appreciate your selfless services