What We Do

  • It is on the promises to see the wellbeing of the vulnerable, our vision is born
  • To elevate millions the of youths including children, orphans, widows and those in crisis environment from poverty through the series of our live saving initiative

The Frugal Foundation was established fundamentally on the premise of reducing the alarming level poverty, hunger and deprivation that has infested our economic landscape or society. It sought to give hope to the hapless talented youths in our mists, to support them to actualize their vision. That is, the unsung potential heroes of talented youths who operate from economic disadvantaged background. This Foundation wants to affect their lives by supporting and encouraging them to be a success story in the environment they otherwise considered impossible to make a difference in their lives. The Foundation is poised in redefining their perceptions, purpose, and prospects by giving them the needed support to succeed.

We intend to actualize this vision by supporting them wholeheartedly financially, materially and morally to enable them to pursue and accomplish their vision or goal.

To this effect, we have put in place some structures in terms of procedures and processes to enable us to implement these lofty objectives and responsibilities proactively, effortlessly and seamlessly.

One of such processes to identify and selecting the potential talents to enable us sustain these efforts is by first conducting interviews either on line or physically and subsequently inviting the prospective talents to showcase their work/device/product they want to invent and want us support respectively . And this will be done at a rendezvous agreed upon by both parties, which is the Foundation’s representatives and the talent, while taking into consideration the convenience and distance of the individuals concerned. This process would involves giving the prospective inventor ample opportunity to demonstrate practically of what their invention entails are and convincing our team about the social and economic benefits derivable from such project or invention.

We are glad to emphasize here that we work with a team of seasoned professionals with demonstrative abilities and skills in their respective disciplines or industries who are always on ground to assist in this process especially to help determine or to selecting the right talent to be sponsored.

For illustration, let quickly examine the economic implication derived from the inventions of electric bulb by Thomas Edison or the innovation from the invention of Airplane by the Right Brothers. In fact, any individual in his/her right senses and who has a long walk with history can always attest to the fact that the social and economic effects of these two great innovations are mind blowing and endless especially in areas of job creation and income generation for both individuals and to respective governments all over the world.

Supposed also our sponsored talent is able to device a unique product with acceptable standard like Tricycle, such device and its value chains is, without doubt, capable of expanding our business horizon in terms of reducing unemployment, bringing monies to our homes and to governments. The poverty and hunger which is presently ravaging this blessed nations, will, to all intents and purposes, be reduced to the barest minimum. That is the dream of this Frugal Empowerment Foundation. You can be involved just as we are currently doing in this regard.

In addition, apart from the apparent benefits of poverty and unemployment reduction and guaranteeing occupational engagements or job creation to these economic disadvantage people and areas, the advantages will also discourage the rural-urban drift currently experienced in our economies not to mention the very embarrassing and incessant migrations of impoverished stricken youths from one region to another. To be more direct or precise, migrations of people from economically disadvantaged economies from regions of Africa and Asia to Europe, all in the name of seeking greener pastures. Unfortunately, this is a situation which had resulted to millions of migrants perishing along the coastline or desert while attempting to cross over to their destination or Mediterranean seas. Other unlucky ones who manage to cross over suffer all manners of degradation, privations and host of other inhuman treatments.

With these noble or lofty ideas in place, as espoused by the Frugal Foundation, we can only hope or be sure that the social vices which presently characterized the conducts of our youths among others can be managed or reduced inextricably to the barest minimum. This among other objectives is the VISION of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation.