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Brado - Frugal Empowerment Foundation


Dive into the dynamic world of Brado, formerly known as Bradley, a vibrant music sensation nurtured under the wings of the esteemed Frugal Empowerment Foundation. Hailing from the bustling streets of Greenwich, London, Brado’s journey into the realm of music is nothing short of inspiring.

A prodigy molded within the corridors of the renowned ‘Frugal Music Academy,’ Brado’s musical prowess knows no bounds. Renowned for his exceptional skills in rap, he effortlessly weaves tales and rhythms, captivating audiences with each verse.

Brado’s ability to seamlessly adapt to diverse musical landscapes sets him apart. His lyrical finesse and magnetic stage presence leave an indelible mark on every performance, transcending boundaries of genre and style.

Marking his musical debut at the prestigious Frugal GYMPAC event, Brado’s electrifying performance garnered him not just applause, but also the esteemed Musical Award presented by none other than the Mayor of Greenwich. A testament to his undeniable talent and dedication to the craft.

With every beat, Brado ignites a fire within the hearts of his listeners, inviting them to embark on a rhythmic odyssey like never before. Join him on this extraordinary musical voyage, where every note resonates with passion, purpose, and unbridled creativity. Brado isn’t just an artist; he’s a force to be reckoned with in the realm of music.