Caring Saturday’s

Over 2.3 million community lives has been impacted with the Caring Saturday’s, one of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation’s charity initiative that enables us to aid the  less privileged groups on a more frequent basis, as a way of fulfilling corporate and social responsibility by  giving back to the society. Through this, we identify possible areas where these vulnerable people are mostly prone and the best possible ways to assist them. This also applies to children who have been wholly disadvantaged educationally.

Our Success Without Our Sponsors And Volunteers, Would Have Be Impossible.


What fills our hearts with joy Fulfilling our promise to impact less privileged communities!
Not only are we are glad, but our donors are also
happy to see their contributions making a real difference every day.
Thank you for helping us turn
promises into powerful actions.

Caring Saturday’s: The Successes So Far

The Frugal Empowerment Foundation’s (FEF) Caring Saturday’s initiative has made remarkable strides since its inception, touching countless lives across various communities. This program, designed to provide direct support to the most vulnerable, has brought relief and hope to many. From distributing essential food items and clothing to offering educational materials and healthcare services, FEF’s Caring Saturday’s has become a beacon of compassion and support. The dedicated efforts of our volunteers and the generous contributions from donors have been pivotal in achieving these successes.

The impact of Caring Saturday’s is evident in the transformed lives of beneficiaries who have shared their stories of gratitude and renewed hope. Children who once lacked basic educational supplies now have the tools they need to learn and grow. Elderly individuals, often forgotten, have received much-needed care and attention, reaffirming their dignity and worth. The smiles and heartfelt thanks from those we serve are a testament to the profound difference this initiative has made.

As we reflect on the successes of Caring Saturday’s so far, we are inspired to continue and expand our efforts. The need remains great, and there is so much more to be done. With continued support and collaboration from individuals and organizations who share our passion for humanitarian work, we are confident that we can reach even more people and create lasting positive change. Together, we can ensure that Caring Saturday’s remains a powerful force for good in our communities.

FEF Planning for Better, Coordinated, Impacting Humanitarian Outreach in the Last Quarter of 2024

As the year progresses, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation (FEF) is gearing up for a more coordinated and impactful humanitarian outreach under its flagship program, Caring Saturday’s, for the last quarter of 2024. This initiative, which has already made significant strides in supporting vulnerable communities, aims to expand its reach and effectiveness through strategic partnerships and enhanced planning.

“We are committed to making a substantial difference in the lives of the less fortunate, Our goal for the last quarter of 2024 is to deliver even more targeted and impactful support to those in need. To achieve this, we are open to collaboration with organizations and individuals who share our passion for humanitarian work and community upliftment.”

The Caring Saturdays program has consistently provided essential supplies, educational materials, and financial aid to underserved communities across Nigeria. This year, FEF plans to implement more comprehensive and sustainable initiatives that not only address immediate needs but also empower individuals for long-term self-sufficiency. The foundation is seeking partnerships with other NGOs, corporate entities, and philanthropic individuals to pool resources and expertise for greater impact.

The upcoming quarter will see FEF intensifying its efforts in several key areas, including food distribution, healthcare services, educational support, and small business empowerment. “We believe that by working together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change,” Mr. Frugal added. “Our focus is not just on providing aid, but on creating opportunities for growth and development within these communities.”

FEF is calling on all interested parties to join this noble cause. By partnering with FEF, organizations and individuals can contribute to a broader movement aimed at alleviating poverty and fostering hope among Nigeria’s most vulnerable populations. The foundation encourages potential collaborators to visit their website for more information on how to get involved and make a lasting impact.

As the planning for the last quarter of 2024 unfolds, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation remains dedicated to its mission of love, care, and support. With the collective effort of like-minded partners, FEF is poised to make Caring Saturdays a beacon of hope and change for many more lives.

Caring Saturday’s: Setting New Records in Humanitarian Aid

The Frugal Empowerment Foundation (FEF) is setting new records with its “Caring Saturday’s” events, designed to provide unprecedented support to vulnerable communities across Nigeria. As FEF continues to stir these impactful initiatives, it calls on donors, volunteers, and partners to join in the effort to bring hope and relief to those in need.

The “Caring Saturday’s” program has been a cornerstone of FEF’s mission to uplift and support the most vulnerable populations. With a renewed commitment to expanding its reach and impact, FEF is determined to make this year’s events the most successful yet. “We want to set new records in humanitarian aid and make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve,” said Mr. Frugal, Founder of FEF. “Our goal is to touch more lives than ever before and provide comprehensive support that addresses both immediate needs and long term empowerment.”

To achieve these ambitious goals, FEF is calling on the generosity of its supporters and the public at large. Donations of food, clothing, educational materials, and other essential supplies are crucial to the success of “Caring Saturday’s.” Additionally, the foundation seeks volunteers to help organize and distribute aid during the events, as well as partners who can provide logistical and financial support. “We cannot do this alone,” Mr. Frugal emphasized. “The success of our’ Caring Saturday ’s depends on the collective effort of everyone who believes in the power of giving. Every donation, every volunteer, and every partner plays a critical role in making these events a success.”

FEF’s “Caring Saturday’s” have previously brought hope and relief to countless individuals in various regions, including the internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, low-income neighborhoods, and rural communities. The foundation’s comprehensive approach includes providing food and nutritional support, educational supplies, clothing, and hygiene products, along with organizing community activities that foster unity and well-being. FEF invites everyone to be part of this transformative movement. By contributing to the foundation’s efforts, donors and volunteers can help set new records in humanitarian aid and bring hope to those who need it most.

To learn more about how you can support “Caring Saturday’s” and other FEF initiatives, visit]( Together, we can
make a profound difference and set new records in caring for humanity. 12 Caring Saturday’s: setting New Records in Humanitarian Aid FEF MONTHLY

FEF’s Caring Saturday’s Lights Up Benue in Mr. Frugal’s Birthday Celebration

DAUDU, BENUE STATE – In a heartwarming celebration of compassion and community, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation (FEF) held a special Caring Saturday event in honor of Mr. Frugal’s birthday on April 20th. The event, aimed at impacting the lives of crisis victims, was a resounding success as FEF members from various Nigerian states, along with artists, dancers, and volunteers, converged at the Daudu IDP camp in Benue State.

The day was filled with activities and generosity as raw and cooked food, educational materials, and clothing items were distributed to those in need. The atmosphere was electrifying with performances by humanitarian and music legend, Mr. Frugal, accompanied by FEF artists Femty, Hilda Muna, Willy Blinks, and World Loso. Their spirited performances added an extra layer of joy and celebration to the event, creating lasting memories for attendees.

Mr. Frugal’s commitment to making a difference was evident as he generously gave out over 500,000 Naira to aged women and children who participated in various dance and competitions. Their smiles and gratitude reflected the true essence of the day, highlighting the impact of collective efforts in bringing hope and happiness to vulnerable communities. As Benue basks in the success of this memorable Caring Saturday, all eyes are now on Borno and Plateau, eagerly awaiting the upcoming events set to bring more moments of unity, support, and transformation.

Investing in Compassion: Frugal Empowerment Foundation’s Call for Support

Frugal Empowerment Foundation (FEF) issues a compelling call to action, emphasizing the transformative impact of supporting its charitable endeavors. With a firm belief that every contribution makes a difference, FEF underscores the importance of investing in a brighter, more compassionate world for all.

“Supporting Frugal Empowerment Foundation means investing in a brighter, more compassionate world for all,” asserts Mr. Frugal, the visionary founder of FEF. “Your generosity enables us to extend a helping hand to those in need and to create meaningful change in communities around the globe.”

FEF’s Caring Saturday’s Charity Programs stand as a testament to its commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Through these initiatives, FEF provides vital support to vulnerable populations, offering essential resources, assistance, and hope in times of need.

As FEF continues its tireless efforts to uplift communities and foster positive change, it calls upon individuals, businesses, and organizations to join in its mission. By lending support to Frugal Caring Saturday’s Charity Programs, donors have the opportunity to play a direct role in building a more compassionate and equitable society.

With each donation and act of kindness, FEF and its supporters sow the seeds of hope, resilience, and empowerment. Together, they create ripple effects of positivity that reverberate far beyond individual communities, enriching the lives of countless individuals and families in need.

Many children eagerly anticipate your gifts of love and charity

As Easter approaches, many children eagerly anticipate the gifts of love and charity brought to them by kind-hearted individuals. At Frugal Empowerment Foundation (FEF), we are dedicated to making this Easter a memorable and joyful occasion for the vulnerable in our communities.

We invite you to join us in spreading love and compassion by supporting and donating to FEF. Your contributions will enable us to bring smiles to the faces of children in need and make a positive impact in their lives.

Together, we can make this Easter a truly special and meaningful time for all. Let’s come together to spread kindness and generosity, and ensure that every child feels loved and cherished during this festive season.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

1 Million Community Impact 2024

Join the Journey: Making a Million Impactful Moments in 2024 – Be a Community Champion!

As Frugal Empowerment Foundation proudly commemorates the significant milestone of over 2 million impactful moments in communities since the year 2017, the trustees pledge an even more impactful 2024. With the continued support of donors and sponsors, particularly those who have been unwavering in their commitment to the Caring Saturday’s community project, the Foundation aims to elevate its success.

FEF’s Urgent Response: Supporting Vulnerable Young Girls in Lagos on April 17, 2024

In a proactive response to the urgent needs of vulnerable young girls facing the challenges of early childhood birth, Frugal Empowerment Foundation (FEF) is gearing up for a special initiative set to take place on April 17, 2024, in Lagos. This emergency response aims to address the pressing issues surrounding female childhood early births and raise awareness on the importance of proper care and education for young girls.

Mr. Frugal, the visionary founder of FEF, highlighted the critical nature of this initiative, stating, “We cannot turn a blind eye to the challenges faced by vulnerable young girls, especially those dealing with early childhood births. This emergency response is a call to action, and we believe that through collaborative efforts, we can make a meaningful impact in the lives of these girls.”

The event will involve targeted interventions, including medical support, awareness campaigns, and educational initiatives aimed at empowering young girls with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate their circumstances.

FEF is extending an invitation for collaboration on this important mission. Community members, businesses, and organizations are encouraged to join hands with FEF to ensure the success of this emergency response. The foundation believes that through collective action, it can create a more significant and lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable young girls.

To contribute or get involved in this initiative, . Your support will play a crucial role in providing hope and empowerment to young girls facing adversity. Together, we can make a difference.

Our objective for this year is to ensure impactful projects in talent development, skill enhancement, and charitable causes that reach vulnerable communities, including the elderly and crisis victims. Mr. Frugal, the founder, expressed his dedication to making a positive difference.

However, our greatest hope lies in you. Your support is instrumental in realizing these community projects and creating a lasting impact.

Sponsors’ Expectations:

  • Recognition through awards
  • Brand promotion

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this meaningful campaign. As we plan a mid-year awards ceremony event, we aspire to acknowledge and appreciate your organization for its invaluable contribution to our shared vision.

Join us in this journey and become a beacon of positive change in our communities.

Uplands Caring Saturday’s Event, A Huge Success (2nd March 2024)

Monthly, we support the elderly community, providing them with music, comedy, story-telling and more. Using the Frugal Foundation Caring Saturdays event to relief them from isolation and loneliness. Join the thousands of our members who support the elderly community daily at

FEF’s Caring Saturday’s event at Uplands Care Home was a tremendous success.

This showcases our unwavering commitment to supporting vulnerable communities. A heartfelt thank you to everyone for your contributions and support. Together, we make a meaningful impact.

Uplands – March 2, 2024

Caring for Our Elders: Uplands Secures Our Ticket to a Brighter Moment

Frugal Foundation’s Caring Saturday’s Charity Event – Call for Support

Dear Community Members

I trust this message finds you well. I am writing to share the impactful journey of our Caring Saturday’s Charity Event initiative by the Frugal Foundation.

Since its inception in 2017, over 2 million individuals within our community have benefitted from the initiative. Notably, the UK Elderly community has consistently expressed gratitude for the support provided during these events.

As we approach December, we embark on a new mission to extend our assistance to an additional 300,000 community members. Your support is crucial in achieving this goal.

We kindly invite you to contribute to the success of the Frugal Charity Caring Saturday’s. Your generosity will undoubtedly make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we aim to support.

Please consider joining us in this philanthropic endeavour by donating below

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to making a positive impact in our community.

Mr Peter Osezua

Founder: Frugal Empowerment Foundation

Caring Saturday’s Ashgreen House a Huge Success (21st October 2023)

Our fulfilment is when we able to put a smile on the faces of the elderly who worked so hard for us to become who we are today.

Caring Saturday’s Ashgreen House 21st October 2023

Like to support the Elderly Community this Saturday?

Caring Saturday’s Event Daudu IDP Camp

More at Benue state

Caring Saturday’s Event at Bishop Murray’s Hospital

Another Historic Sucess For FEF.

Today, the 25th March 2023, Frugal Foundation hosted another historic Caring Saturday’s charity event in the UK. An event aimed to care for the elderly community and improve their wellbeing through entertainment.

The Founder of the foundation Mr Peter Osezua said ‘Your Mum & Dad may no longer needs your wealth but your care and compassion’. Stating further ‘care for your parents because they fought for everything you are enjoying today.

We are fully prepared.
2 more days to go, caring for the Elderly on the FEF Caring Saturday’s event. Please stay tune for more.

Ashgreen Caring Saturday’s event was a huge success.

Thanks to all our sponsors and volunteers

  • This June 2022, Our project is centred on caring for the Elderly to relief their isolation and to provide them with social wellbeing through music, story telling, comedy using the Frugal Foundation Caring Saturday’s charity initiative. Please, Join us support the Elderly UK this month at

Building on our community work in Greenwich, our project is running series of Caring Saturday’s event to enable communities come together and engage with and support local vulnerable people.

The latter will be offered entertainment, and all will have the opportunity to share their stories, and with them, we will consider we could offer them support including helping to identify areas of their needs

Relevant government agencies, Charities, and community groups will be invited to the event to explain their services and explore with the vulnerable groups how they can best be supported. In Greenwich.

Expected Project outcome

The Elderly feels a sense of relief from isolation through entertainment activities and their wellbeing improved

COMING UP: FEF to impact 300k Less Privilege’s lives to this November-December 2022

Please Donate

Caring Saturday’s event held at Sanctuary Care Home today, the 2nd July 2022

Caring for the elderly community in Greenwich, Frugal Foundation reached out to the Elderly community at Sanctuary Care Home, Ashgreen House, the event aimed to improve the social wellbeing of the Elderly through entertainment (music, comedy and story telling).

The Elderly said “Thank you” for showing us love today.


More at Femty

Our Efforts to Support The Less Privileged Grows Daily. Kindly help make a difference

It’s done. Today the 16th April 2022, Frugal Foundation has impacted 10,000 less privilege .

Our great appreciation to our sponsors, members, volunteers and community for joining us to support the less previlege on this day. Thank you once again. Please stay tune for more photos from other states

Hurray! It’s Caring Saturday’s today. Let celebrate with 10,000 less privileged’s

Yes! You can help make a difference this Easter.
Over 10,000 less privilege crisis victims will be impacted through this project in 4 days time
For those who have donated so far, we are grateful.
Please do not forget to send your oganization details for promotion purposes.
Only at
Frugal Empowerment Foundation

Will you save a child’s life this Easter?
Thank you
Frugal Empowerment Foundation

6 more days to go.
A season to test our faith once again, this Easter 2022, over 10,000 crisis victim’s lives will be impacted in our community.
For those who vwant to identify with us on this historic Caring Saturday’s event, kindly contact FEF Secretary (Grace on +2347067159948)
Thank you
From Frugal Empowerment Foundation

10,000 of them will feel the impact of your Care this 16th April 2022 in the upcoming CARING SATURDAY’S event.
Thank you community.
Only at Frugal Empowerment Foundation

Please Accept Our Invitation

Join us cater for 10,000 less privileged this Easter 2022 at Donate

Caring Saturday’s Event Dauda, Hypang, Ekpoma & Borno

As we move closer to the historic event “CARING SATURDAY’S to aid the crisis victims, here is a reminder of what we intend to do this Easter. Supporting this cause means we can hit the 10,000 lives touch target. Please support at Donate

Today, is yet another day the Frugal Foundation spreads their kindness to the Plateau state crisis victims. Y

Today, over 2000 IPDs at Federal housing IDP camp makurdi live touched by Frugal Empowerment Foundation as our efforts to support the less privileged grows. You can help me a difference at Give As You Live

Help us save lives at Donate. Thank you

Those below poverty line in Plateau State is alarming, we are trying our best to support this local community

Official Caring Saturday’s event Documentary Series coming soon

Our efforts to care for low income families including the homeless in Greenwich grows daily. Support the campaign Donate

UK CARING SATURDAY’S 23rd December 2020. We understand the challenges low income families are currently facing and therefore, we’re willing to support with a gift package this Christmas Donate

is coming up 19th December, 2020. At Woolwich Arsenal Station. Aim to catered for low income family, homeless, job seekers and asylum seekers who do not currently have access to public fund. Most of whom are BAME community who have been disproportionately affected due to Covid-19

We hit the 10,000 targeted number of less privilege expected to be catered for on this event. Thanks to our sponsors, supporters and volunteers.

Is not too late to support this project Donate as our efforts to provide for these kids grows.

Today, we are offering Free Medical Outreach at Daudu IDP Camp, Benue state , Nigeria.

We are catering for over 10,000 less privilege today and tomorrow the 12th December 2020.

is not too late support this campaign with whatever you can afford at Benue state. Thank you

coming up: Lives savers event “Caring Saturday’s. Over 10,000 less privileged, including children, widows and Internally Displaced Persons at Daudu Village, Makurdi, Benue State, will be catered for this December 11-12th December 2020

10,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) including children, will be catered for this April 16th 2022.
We are donating to them School materials, Diapers, clothes, shoes, books, sewing machines , clippers, computers, food and music entertainment
Only you can make this happen.
See what God touches you to give to them this Easter
For other means to support, kindly contact us.
Thank you in advance
Frugal Empowerment Foundation

more details will be provided in due cause.


Building on our community work in Greenwich, our project is running a series of Caring Saturday’s events to enable communities to come together and engage with and support local homeless/vulnerable people.

The latter will be offered a change of clothes and haircut, and all will have the opportunity to share their stories, and with them, we will consider we could offer them support including help with job hunting; considering training and/or volunteering options; identifying their existing skills, strengths and abilities, and how this could share to benefit the community (e.g. Storytelling, Art, Catering, Gardening, DIY).

Relevant government agencies, Charities, and community groups will be invited to the event to explain their services and explore with the vulnerable groups how they can best be supported. In Greenwich, Households placed in temporary accommodation has risen by 172% in the past four year which is really our major concern.

Expected Project outcomes

our expected outcome of this project are 

A) opportunity for the vulnerable people to open up about their problems and concerns in an informal friendly environment

B) Community members deciding to volunteer to support these groups

C) All community members feeling empowered , with increase wellbeing and motivation to increase their prospects.


Our budget includes entertainers, refreshment, clothing , hairdressing and haircut, and volunteer and event expenses. this project among others, will teach us how we can achieve these outcomes, and motivate greater community engagement, interest our plans here in the UK. so we can also include the cost of hiring a professional to draw on our experience and develop a business plan to chat our way forward for the coming months and years.

we as usual, will promote involvement via service providers, community members, local/social media, publicity materials, website, presentation at meetings, incentivising homeless/vulnerable people to participate with the offer of a plate of food, haircut and a change of clothes, referring to specialist support where the need is identified 

Sponsors ‘s Benefits 

We think this project will meet your First Priority as we will be promoting participation in the events to all sections of the community in Greenwich, including those who are homeless/vulnerable. we will identify in different voluntary roles. for example; Helping to organised the events, championing the events, consulting homeless/vulnerable people, catering, waiting, running training, sessions, mentoring. 

Through working together as a team – which will grow with event – community members from all backgrounds will bond where previously they would have thought  they have nothing in common.

Also, your third priority applies in volunteering in our Caring Saturday’s team many people will discover new abilities and interest and gain renewed self-confident and motivation to become more engaged in their community, and in some case brush up some skills or develop new skills. With homeless people, this could lead to the first step towards wellbeing, housing, employment and improve prospects


This project is open to everyone and isn’t aimed at a specific group of people