Caring Saturday’s

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Our effort to care for low income families including homeless in Greenwich grows daily. Support the campaign Donate

UK CARING SATURDAY’S 23rd December 2020. We understand the challenges low income families are currently facing and therefore, willing to support with a gift package this Christmas Donate

is coming up 19th December, 2020. At Woolwich Arsenal Station. Aim to catered for low income family, homeless, job seekers and asylum seekers who do not currently have access to public fund. Most of whom are BAME community who have been disproportionately affected due to Covid-19

We hit the 10,000 targeted number of less privilege expected to be catered for on this event. Thanks to our sponsors, supporters and volunteers.

Is not too late to support this project Donate as our efforts to provide for these kids grows.

Today, we are offering Free Medical Outreach at Daudu IDP Camp, Benue state , Nigeria.

We are catering for over 10,000 less privilege today and tomorrow the 12th December 2020.

is not too late support this campaign with whatever you can afford at Benue state. Thank you

coming up: Lives savers event “Caring Saturday’s. Over 10,000 less privileged, including children, widows and Internally Displaced Persons at Daudu Village, Makurdi, Benue State, will be catered for this December 11-12th December 2020


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building on our community work in Greenwich, our project is running a series of Caring Saturday’s events to enable communities to come together and engage with and support local homeless/vulnerable people.

The latter will be offered a change of clothes and haircut, and all will have the opportunity to share their stories, and with them, we will consider we could offer them support including help with job hunting; considering training and/or volunteering options; identifying their existing skills, strengths and abilities, and how this could share to benefit the community (e.g. Storytelling, Art, Catering, Gardening, DIY).

Relevant government agencies, Charities, and community groups will be invited to the event to explain their services and explore with the vulnerable groups how they can best be supported. In Greenwich, Households placed in temporary accommodation has risen by 172% in the past four year which is really our major concern.

Expected Project outcomes

our expected outcome of this project are 

A) opportunity for the vulnerable people to open up about their problems and concerns in an informal friendly environment

B) Community members deciding to volunteer to support these groups

C) All community members feeling empowered , with increase wellbeing and motivation to increase their prospects.


Our budget includes entertainers, refreshment, clothing , hairdressing and haircut, and volunteer and event expenses. this project among others, will teach us how we can achieve these outcomes, and motivate greater community engagement, interest our plans here in the UK. so we can also include the cost of hiring a professional to draw on our experience and develop a business plan to chat our way forward for the coming months and years.

we as usual, will promote involvement via service providers, community members, local/social media, publicity materials, website, presentation at meetings, incentivising homeless/vulnerable people to participate with the offer of a plate of food, haircut and a change of clothes, referring to specialist support where the need is identified 

Sponsors ‘s Benefits 

We think this project will meet your First Priority as we will be promoting participation in the events to all sections of the community in Greenwich, including those who are homeless/vulnerable. we will identify in different voluntary roles. for example; Helping to organised the events, championing the events, consulting homeless/vulnerable people, catering, waiting, running training, sessions, mentoring. 

Through working together as a team – which will grow with event – community members from all backgrounds will bond where previously they would have thought  they have nothing in common.

Also, your third priority applies in volunteering in our Caring Saturday’s team many people will discover new abilities and interest and gain renewed self-confident and motivation to become more engaged in their community, and in some case brush up some skills or develop new skills. With homeless people, this could lead to the first step towards wellbeing, housing, employment and improve prospects


This project is open to everyone and isn’t aimed at a specific group of people