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About us - Frugal Empowerment Foundation

About us


The prevention or relief of poverty anywhere in the world, but particularly in the UK, by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient, By providing: Grants, Items, and services to individuals in needs/or charities, or organizations working to prevent or relief poverty anywhere in the world, but particularly in Nigeria


  • It is on the promises to see the wellbeing of the vulnerable, our vision is born
  • To elevate millions the of youths including children, orphans, widows and those in crisis environment from poverty through the series of our live saving initiative

The Frugal Foundation was established fundamentally on the premise of reducing the alarming level poverty, hunger and deprivation that has infested our economic landscape or society. It sought to give hope to the hapless talented youths in our mists, to support them to actualize their vision. That is, the unsung potential heroes of talented youths who operate from economic disadvantaged background. This Foundation wants to affect their lives by supporting and encouraging them to be a success story in the environment they otherwise considered impossible to make a difference in their lives. The Foundation is poised in redefining their perceptions, purpose, and prospects by giving them the needed support to succeed.

We intend to actualize this vision by supporting them wholeheartedly financially, materially and morally to enable them to pursue and accomplish their vision

To this effect, we have put in place some structures in terms of procedures and processes to enable us to implement these lofty objectives and responsibilities proactively, effortlessly and seamlessly.

One of such processes to identify and selecting the potential talents to enable us sustain these efforts is by first conducting interviews either on line or physically and subsequently inviting the prospective talents to showcase their work/device/product they want to invent and want us support respectively . And this will be done at a rendezvous agreed upon by both parties, which is the Foundation’s representatives and the talent, while taking into consideration the convenience and distance of the individuals concerned. This process would involves giving the prospective inventor ample opportunity to demonstrate practically of what their invention entails are and convincing our team about the social and economic benefits derivable from such project or invention.

We are glad to emphasize here that we work with a team of seasoned professionals with demonstrative abilities and skills in their respective disciplines or industries who are always on ground to assist in this process especially to help determine or to selecting the right talent to be sponsored.

For illustration, let quickly examine the economic implication derived from the inventions of electric bulb by Thomas Edison or the innovation from the invention of Airplane by the Right Brothers. In fact, any individual in his/her right senses and who has a long walk with history can always attest to the fact that the social and economic effects of these two great innovations are mind blowing and endless especially in areas of job creation and income generation for both individuals and to respective governments all over the world. Supposed also our sponsored talent is able to device a unique product with acceptable standard like Tricycle, such device and its value chains is, without doubt, capable of expanding our business horizon in terms of reducing unemployment, bringing monies to our homes and to governments.

The poverty and hunger which is presently ravaging this blessed nations, will, to all intents and purposes, be reduced to the barest minimum. That is the dream of this Frugal Empowerment Foundation. You can be involved just as we are currently doing in this regard. In addition, apart from the apparent benefits of poverty and unemployment reduction and guaranteeing occupational engagements or job creation to these economic disadvantage people and areas, the advantages will also discourage the rural-urban drift currently experienced in our economies not to mention the very embarrassing and incessant migrations of impoverished stricken youths from one region to another. To be more direct or precise, migrations of people from economically disadvantaged economies from regions of Africa and Asia to Europe, all in the name of seeking greener pastures. Unfortunately, this is a situation which had resulted to millions of migrants perishing along the coastline or desert while attempting to cross over to their destination or Mediterranean seas. Other unlucky ones who manage to cross over suffer all manners of degradation, privations and host of other inhuman treatments. With these noble or lofty ideas in place, as espoused by the Frugal Foundation, we can only hope or be sure that the social vices which presently characterized the conducts of our youths among others can be managed or reduced inextricably to the barest minimum. This among other objectives is the VISION of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation.


W eh are prouMessage from Founder: Mr Peter Osezua
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At a time, where there are so much disbelieved, you trusted our vision of saving lives and supported over 1,200,00 less privilege living among us within five and half years. This was not done by me, but you (The Trustees, volunteers, Our Members, partners) who sees the sufferings of people in our world today and help to do something about their wellbeing. To us, you are our hero. ”Thank You”

This Foundation was founded by a selfless, humble and altruistic man by name Mr Peter who was driven by the sheer desire of seeing the reduction of the frightening and unimaginable level of poverty and deprivation confronting us in our society, as a way of complementing the efforts of our various governments. The target of the Foundation are the hapless millions of talented youths whose dreams or vision have been hampered or jeopardized by lack of supportive encouragement from their environment. This Foundation is keen therefore in assisting to unlock the economic potentials of these hapless youths by redefining their prospects, perspectives in life and assist in actualizing their dreams.

The precept of this Foundation is based on the NEED to serve OTHERS, that is, to help others succeed in fulfilling their aspirations which they have always yearned for. The problems of insecurity and social economic crisis staring us, all in the face on a daily basis cannot be under estimated. Every day, we see thousands, millions of our youths roaming the streets, idling about, many of whom lost their live on daily basis making a dangerous journey from Africa down to Europe and other part of the world . These are youths with great visions. And consequently, a great number of these youths ends up as social miscreant or takes up habitual vices which are at various, with societal expectations or are been treated as scrum and dregs in our mist, which is rather very unfortunate.

This ugly scenario definitely is very unpalatable and we can afford not to play the ostrich by folding our arms and watch these great potentials of young talents waste away in penury and their visions or visions perished with them.

There is no gain saying that the governments through its various agencies and department cannot do everything alone especially in terms of job creation. They may be fervent and their efforts, genuine enough in this regard but our sensibilities are continually been assailed on a daily basis as we are been inundated to various medias reports- print and electronics and now joined by social medias enunciating the economic policies and programs of governments aimed at fighting unemployment among others. But the irony of it all, is that the more we hear about these policies, or programs, the more aggravated the issue of unemployment seems to be and which really as a matter of urgency, is almost becoming a time bomb waiting to explode if not already in that state.

It was the desire to fill this lacuna among others that the FRUGAL EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION was given birth, in other that these ubiquitous and redundant talents in our mist, who because of their economic disadvantaged conditions, can have a fulfilling destiny, a great future. That is, to see these talents been able to dream again and live their life to their full potential. We at the Frugal Empowerment Foundation are very determined and very passionate about helping these impoverished talents to succeed in their visions like their counterparts in a more economic advantaged or buoyant economy.

The founder, Mr. Peter, having personally transverse the western world and observed empirically and much to his very great delights about the achievements or the milestones recorded by these talented youths in those enclave; also, some research he personally also conducted about economic re-engineering in these climes revealed that the western success story stems strongly from the encouragements , support and empowerment of their talents, whose work brought about great innovations or creativeness with spiral value chains effect. This form the basis of engine of economic growth for them. Take for instance, the innovation of electric bulb by Thermos Edison or Founder of Apple ‘’Steve Jobs who revolutionized iPhone device and App Store which is leading the consumer technology in the world as of today. Just look at the aftermath effects of such creativity by these two different individual inventors, in terms of employment and income generation globally.

In fact, Mr. Peter has seen the economic importance of reaching out to these set of talented people and make to them a success story because to him, talents are the economic engine of growth of any nation all over the world. He believed very tenaciously, very humbly and fervently that this noble idea or effort on the part of Frugal Empowerment Foundation could have a multiple ripple effect positively in fighting and reducing starvation, poverty and unemployment in our society. That is, the efforts to see millions of our one time unemployed youth becoming very much engaged through the value chains of the device created by these talents.

According to Mr. Peter, the Founder ‘’ it assails my sensibility a great deal to see people go hungry everyday or are incapacitated because of poverty and deprivation. In fact, it depresses me to see the millions of these hapless youthful individuals with tremendous talents wallow in degradation, deprivation due to their inability to find their bearing and their talents allow to die with them; or to see their situation reduced to a groveling state because of lack .’’

Continuing, he contended” Just imagine the millions of people that could be gainfully employed through the value chains as a result of the device produced by these untapped talents? This means more jobs, more money in the pockets of millions of people that would otherwise probably remain hopeless and lots more.’’ No doubt, with these noble ideas as espoused by the Foundation, the sorry financial or impoverished state of the seemingly hopeless individuals becomes hopeful and their poor financial state alleviated even to the barest minimum’’ It gladdens my heart when I see smiles appearing on the faces of individuals because their hungry has been defeated’’.

Going further, he quipped, ‘’we can grow all together, deepens and broadens our prospects better when we give our best for others to succeed in our communities, organizations and nations.’’

In essence, it is the dream of this Foundation to help the unsung talents, those who are capable of creating something new or innovates like the twin brothers who invented an -Airplane, Thomas Edison-electric bulb and a host of other inventors, by transforming them to becoming that selfless, confident, productive individual who want to re-engineer their minds, purpose and focus to be a success story themselves. To be that useful invaluable and indispensable instrument in the society they live rather than becoming a burden or liability to the society. And in this way, this Foundation wants to use this platform as a way of contributing it little quota to the service of humanity. We are encouraging and empowering the youths to look beyond their present situations and assist them to become the change agent they’ve always dream of becoming.

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One basic fact about the Foundation is: it is selfless. It is sacrificial. We put in our best despite the odds against intention to ensure we reach out to these talents who needed help desperately in changing their economic or financial fortunes. And we would also expect the assisted talents not to relent in their efforts by joining our train in our sheer dreams to helping others grow. In this respect, the circle of successes would grow and this would continue endlessly until we are able to assist lots many more. Again, the Foundation is of the conviction that we can do it together to improve the lives of others, to deepen and improve and serve our relationships, our families, our communities, nationals and the global economy in general.

We have seasoned professional who constitute members of TRUSTEES who are deeply rooted in our shared Values of helping others succeeds and who are working so tirelessly on daily basis to assist in fulfilling our goals in providing the much needed service to humanity.

So, we invite you to be a part of this noble idea, this great dream.