As history will tell, Hilda Muna, through her humanitarian music, shaping the music industry. On her song track “Africa Lady’s” highlighted the beauty of the Africa Ladies and how the world should view the continent as a whole. She said “If you are not from Africa, you are missing something and you need to learn more”. Find out what she is referring to by playing the song below

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Our Initiatives are centred under three main categories ”Talent Development, Skill Acquisition And Charity.

1) Talents Development Initiative. This programme targets talented youths who show signs of technological
ingenuity. We identify and support those with creative minds to produce devices which benefit their
communities. more at Music Entertainment

2): The Frugal Apprenticeship Initiative: As part of our vision to redefine the economic landscape of the youth through entrepreneurial effort, the
Foundation is also involved in Skill Acquisition Initiative. Under this Initiative, we train the youth in various
capacities to be able to stand their own. We have put in place Skill Acquisition Centre for capacity building
where we train the youth to acquire the necessary skills. The Centre is equipped with state of the art sewing
equipment or facilities for easy learning. In this way, we are helping to build, expand and sustain lasting businesses and inculcate entrepreneurial spirit in them

By this, we would be encouraging small and medium scale business to emerge and to grow. more at Our Projects

3) The Frugal Charity Initiative: This charity support Institutions or homes such as the orphanages, widows
and victims of crisis situations or environments. Crisis settlement camps like IDP camps. We also assists victims of
natural disasters such as mudslides and floods
Again, as an extension of the charity Initiative, we have the Caring Saturday’s Charity Initiative. It is an
initiative which enables us to reach out more frequently to the vulnerable ones on monthly basis. This means that
every Saturday of the month, the needy are organized at a designated location where we distribute relief materials and educate them about community building with our three main principles (To Love, Care, and Support Others to succeed)
All the initiatives mentioned are a way of reaching out to the less privileged and vulnerable in our society.

Daily, we lost a child for no fault of his own, due to unfortunate circumstance, some are victimized by crisis, environmental disasters, poverty and many more. We are working hard daily with the help of those, who are passionate about the well-being of saving a child’s live. join the team at MEMBERSHIP

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Help AISHA & MUSTAPHA regain their sightsDonate through Give as you Live Donate
Hi Friends, Join me to make a difference by supporting a good cause, I’m raising Money for FRUGAL EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION to enable them carry out Eye Surgery Operation for Aisha, 11 years old girl and  Mustapha 3 Years old boy  diagnosed with Lid colobama with SERIOUS eyes infection which has led to serious injuries . 

We (Frugal Foundation) found this children  with their family at Hadiza IDP Camp, Maiduguri -Borno State, Nigeria during our humanitarian work 

It is believed, these children developed eye disease (Lid colobama)  during their birth which seems to by minor injury on their eyes but now as you can see on the photo, the disease has gradually spread over Mustapha’s both eyes and Aisha left eye layer has teared apart. 
Since we located them in August 2020, we have been assisting by taking them to the Borno State Eye Clinic hospital for a medical check up of which they are currently under medication, but  the doctor who diagnosed them said “Unless immediately eye surgery operation is carried out, the disease is likely to spread across their eyes,  then, resulting the kids loosing their eye sights for their life time.

Accordingly to the hospital, £2272 (equivalent of #1,500,000 naira) will be required to enable them carried out surgical operations for both Aisha and Mustapha.

This family could not afford the bill due to their current economic situation as they were displaced from their ancestral home by the Boko Haram crisis in the North East Nigeria,  that has led millions of Nigerians lives lost and millions of others displaced which is why their situation is very critical.

We expect this operation to be carried out by latest June 2021 otherwise the chances  of these Internally Displaced Persons (IDP)’s Children regaining their eye sight is VERY narrow. 

Please help, whatever you can support with, will go a long way to save these innocent children’s lives. 

Frugal Foundation has helped hundreds of families like this and we believed whatever you support with will be use for the right cause. We look forward to your support soon

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We want to say “thank you” for saving this child’s life. Baby David (Daudu Camp)

Taye & Aleri

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Twin babies lost their mum birth

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