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As many wonders the strength behind the great nation building charitable organisation “Frugal Empowerment Foundation”, this month, we are celebrating the heroes whose great contributions have impacted over 778,170 less privileged’s lives within 4years.
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Who is Mr Peter Osezua?
“Geniuses, goes the popular saying , “Thrives in the garret but ends up in palaces”.
This simple philosophy stated above is akin to Mr. Peter Osezua inspiring life, experiences, journey or
odyssey who rose from the ashes of poverty, deprivation, degradation and great challenges to become very
accomplished or successful and more so as great a icon, by sheer of his kind disposition in helping to
reshape the life of the less privileged and putting smiles on their faces.
The challenges he faced in his formative years as a child, no doubt, helped to formed or shaped his
perception and sentiment about the act of selflessness and of charity which we have come to recognised and
appreciate of him as of today. The childhood experiences was bitter, unpalatable, poignant and which does
not only leave an unsavoury taste in his mouth but also an indelible mark in him for many years to come.
Confronted with these unforgettable and hard realities of life, he decided right from the beginning that
CHARITY would remain the basis of his existence to help many of these vulnerable to avert and lift their
darkest pitfall he himself had traversed as a child. This was a secrete vow he took as a child as a way of
giving back to the society if Providence eventually bestow on him with fortune when he grew up.
Fortunately, years later when that expectation became accomplished, Mr. Peter has never looked back on his
promise he once made as a child and using his God given resources to drive his dream of helping the
downtrodden at every given opportunity.
He felt therefore that the platform to propagate and achieve this dream he held very close to the chest is by
setting up a FOUNDATION where his impact of his selflessness, magnanimity and charity could easily be
more expansive, felt and appreciated. This was what eventually culminated to the establishment of a
nongovernmental organisation that is now recognised as the Frugal Empowerment Foundation(FEF) in the
year, 2017.
Then, who is this icon, Mr. Peter Osezua?
Mr. Peter was born in a small town called Uromi, Esan North East LGA, Edo State, Nigeria. He was born in
the year 1982
Like every other child, he was full of great prospect and expectations and he remained undaunted
considering the polygamous setting he found himself in. But this prospect was deeply challenges when
suddenly at a very tender age of nine, the unexpected occurred. He lost his very dear mother.
Peter and other of his siblings, himself been the third child of out eight children suddenly found himself
pushed over the cliff and thrown into the abyss of wilderness and purgatory. Although, with his mother alive,
life for him was manageable, but the death of his mother brought another reality he never thought possible.
Like became tougher. He felt helpless and hopeless and his future totally bleak. In the midst of polygamous
setting and with numerous mouths to feed and every child and remixing women competing for his attention
from the only surviving parent, his father, he felt totally lost, helpless, disorganised and disoriented in the
equation of the hard economic realities that now loomed large in the family. For a child with such dark and
ugly reality hovering over his horizon, with the rest of his siblings who were then still very young, the eldest
been thirteen and the youngest only four months old, they could only see but a very gleam hope and dark
clouds overhead. Therefore, any modicum of future hope or expectation completely dissipated. It
disappeared into thin air. Peter like his other siblings looked at the future with total resignation. It meant
that future for him and that of his siblings further plunged further into emptiness and grovelling existence
as they grapple grimly for survival and with no hope in sight. It was in this atmosphere of wants, neglect,
trauma and anguish Mr. Peter and his siblings grew up resigning their fate only to God Almighty for His
mercies and grace upon their lives.
According to Mr. Peter Osezua, his journey into the world of humanity started when as a child he found
himself always wanting to assist his siblings to finish their portion of work in the farm long after he was
done with his. In everything he does, he always put the welfare of others first, his siblings, half brothers and
sisters. That was where his spirit of empathy, selflessness, altruism and leadership traits took it root. Been

the third out of the children of eight from the same mother, he had always felt that uncanny intuition that one
day, he would grow to calve a niche for himself by learning to work very hard to make enough money with
the sole purpose of helping and supporting others in dire need of help.
As a child, and soon after the demise of his mother, life became more difficult if not impossible and all
around him and his siblings was nothing more than the smell of poverty and the anxiety or uncertainty of
their future. But then, the only overwhelming thought inside of him was how and what he could do to pull
himself and his siblings out of the grovelling life filled poverty, hopelessness, deprivation, pain and
helplessness they were daily exposed to, in the house bristling with four step mothers and 27 step brothers
and sisters. This was the gruesome and very bitter experience Mr. Peter among others was fated to confront
as a child but was providentially rescued miraculously from the ashes of hopelessness and more so the
dreadful and harrowing abyss of poverty.
According to Mr. Peter, ” I knew what I was suffering as a child wasn’t easy but my major concern then was
about my youngest ones because they were not excluded from these constant struggle of groveling
existence or survival. Sometimes, we would go on without food for a day or two and hoping against hope
that somehow hope would come our way but most times, no help would come in that regard as hunger
became our very good partner and friend.
But I will always appreciate the efforts of those around me and my siblings who at various times tried their
very best in their own capacities to assist us in their little way especially when hungry gnawed at our
stomach. Such appreciation goes to these people: They include my late grandmother, my dad, uncles,
aunties, step brothers and sisters, cousins, friends and others. From the deep recesses of my heart, I do
appreciate you all.
And I cannot also forget those who were not well disposed toward me and who at various times tried their
best wage war of calumny and attrition to pool me down for whatever reasons. In fact, their act or words of
discouragement, cynicism and pessimism helped to shaped my purpose, orientation, perception and
determination in life. But Unknown to them, their effort was my needed elixir to booster my purposefulness
and direction and to catapult my ambition in life. To those class of people, I also say a big thank you”.
Continuing, he said, “To my beloved biological mother who gave birth to me, Mrs Beatrice Osezua.
Mother, you remained the greatest inspiration, motivator, mentor, confidant and heroine I have ever known
as a child. I cannot forget the sweet memory of you, your struggle to raise us, of your hard work to excel and
of having to wake up as early as 4am till about 11:45PM much later way back as a child watching you
as young as I was. You worked strenuously and tirelessly with incredible zeal in an effort to eke out a living
to take care of us. We as children were always delighted to work with you and follow your example in life.
You were always seeking every opportunity to let us know that integrity, probity and hardworking were
virtues which we need to cultivate as part of our traits or attributes.
The legacy you thought us as children remain indelible, endemic and very invaluable. Like a calf watching
its mother cow chewing grass, my spirit of magnanimity, selflessness and kindness which I cultivate as part
of my character traits today remained the greatest virtues I learned from you, my beloved mother. To this, I
will forever be grateful to you.
What even baffled me then as a child carefully watching you was that even to those who considered
themselves your enemies, you were also disposed toward them, by extending your and generosity and
kindness to them. In fact, mother, you were one in a million.
Even long after you departed this sinful world to the eternal and glorious world beyond many years ago, I
still feels the pangs and anguish of your departure in my heart. It still hurts me so deeply as if your sudden
demise occurred just yesterday, the sensation and the sensitivity it generated of which I have learnt to live
with sublime patience and with great forbearance. Today, I still wished you were still very much alive to
witness how the virtues you have created in me has helped my defined my purpose in life and how great and
successful your children have become.

My financial struggle actually began in subtlety when I was about thirteen years of age. I cannot forget too
soon when in an attempt to eke out a living, I would be employed to be carrying timbers from the thick
forest and loading it into vehicles and sometimes I fetch firewood to sell to support my tuition fees. Or Is it the plucking or harvesting of pawpaw in my father’s farm which I sometimes sell by the road side just to
raise some money? Or sometimes, buying pawpaw from farmers in the hinterland from village women and
transporting it to Lagos to earn some money.
When I gained admission into Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo state to read statistics, I knew that
without my personal struggle, my dream of acquiring education would be truncated along the line because of
the problem of tuition fees. I had to take the bull by the horns to work extra hard to eke out a living by
setting up a phone business in the school campus. This was the business I successfully managed from
hundred level until I graduated from the school four years later. But then, I had employed seven staff or
workers and acquired a car in the process and having an average of savings of #300,000 monthly. From this
business, I was not only able to support my younger ones as well as friends in paying their tuitions and for
solving minor problems. That experience was in fact, the beginning into the journey of my business world.
In 2008, after I had successfully completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps( NYSC), in
Katsina state, I came to U.K under the auspices of my friend’s sister for further studies.
Coming to UK provided me with yet another uncharted experience. As one who already have had
experience some struggle in life, the reality was not lost on me that U. k would not be all bed of Roses. The
new environment provided me with yet another peculiar mountain or experience. I struggled between classes
and classroom in a bid to earn a measly living wage which was barely enough pay my bills. This is because
as a foreign student, my work hours were limited officially to 20 hours per week based on U.K regulations
as at that time.
I worked as a toilet attendant, security officer and to kitchen attendant. But in all of these, the toilet cleaning
job I did in a club turned out to be the most poignant and harrowing experience for me. In fact, working as a
toilet attention thought me the virtues of tolerance and Persevere because every minutes I spend on the
dehumanizing job brought deep psychological pains and hurts to my heart. But nevertheless, the little cash I
earned from the jobs did help me a great deal to support my studies.
All these experiences further boost or sour my imaginations and convictions about the idea of providing help
to a larger society too change narratives of vulnerable ones. It was the zeal to help others fulfill their
expectations or dream became a driving force for me to
start thinking differently about the idea of owning my private business since the kind of jobs I was doing would not give me the satisfaction and the leverage to pursue that charitable dream that was dear to my
heart. And this finally led to the establishment of my own courier business in the year 2012 which
gradually metamorphosed into a business empire till date. Today, I remains the the Chief and Executive
Officer of the Frugal Companies(Frugal Communication ltd, Frugal Business Service ltd, Frugal
Empowerment Foundation and the Africa Social Intellect).
As time progressed, I have had that unwavering conviction to help the less privileged in changing their
narratives and putting smiles on their faces as a cardinal responsibility before me. others no matter the
challenges or difficulties that confronted my humble self.
That is why I find myself deeply overwhelmed by emotions when I see other people wallowing in poverty or
suffering. due to wants or going through deprivations or the other.
My dream of reaching out to the those in need which I cherished so much offers me the opportunity to aligns
with the Africans struggle and renaissance in an effort to lift these million of impoverished youth and the
vulnerable out of poverty and giving them a new lease of life. It is a dream I have always nourished and
cherished and holds very dear to my heart. In fact, it gives me a deep sense of fulfilment to constantly see
smiles erupts on the faces of those who had been rendered assisted and supported through this Foundation.
I have variously asked myself these very pertinent questions in an effort to seek explanation and
understanding of why Africa continent is so bereft of genuine leaders who are so dedicated and committed to
the social and economic reawakening of her citizenry. They are as follows,:
1): Why are these Africans leaders feels aloof and predisposing their citizenry to unimaginable suffering,
hunger, deprivation, enslavement?

2); Why are these leaders always felt comfortable and watched these vulnerable youth wallow in frustrations
but yet feels completely helpless about it?
3): Why are they watching the hapless and desperate youth dying in the Sahara deserts or the Mediterranean
seas in an effort to migrate to other Europeans countries and yet not coming up with policy initiatives to
stems the tide of these unfortunate development?
4): What effort are been put in place to curtail the frequent strives between communities as people are been
displaced from their ancestral homes and farmlands and are rendered homeless without not been able to
provide solution to it?
5): Why are the health sector are left in such a squalor or sorry state without any effort to upgrade it to
acceptable international standard so that larger number of people can benefit from the use of the medical
Gentlemen and ladies, this is why I became very concerned about the plights of these vulnerable ones
because it breaks my heart a great deal to realise that in that part of the world, the leaders seemed very
confounded and seemed overwhelmed by these crisis which they failed to provide solution to!
These harrowing realities about the plights our helpless brothers and sisters are subjected to who are kept in
subjugation economically that keeps me continuously awake mostly at nights. That is why I have never
ceased to think about searching for probable solutions that can help raise the bars of these vulnerable people
and setting them on a pedestal of great relief and joy.
As at mid quarter of 2016, with all these mounting crisis I see of our hapless youth and the vulnerable on a
daily basis, I found that I could no longer fold my arms while these people are subjected to the worst form of
deprivation and indignity unimaginable to man. Watching these helpless people cry in pains due to
economic and social displacement in fact gives me a jolt which sickens my sensibilities in no small measure.
That was why I came to the realisation that unless something drastic is done about this, the peace which I
desperately desired within me could be greatly elusive to me but instead there would be an incredible
daiquiri which could lead to my been miserable. The consequences of this seeming aloofness from these
vulnerable ones while they wallow in wants and palms. however was that in the long run, my conscience
would stand to judge and condemn me negatively in eternity should such people be completely neglected
when they needed help the most. That was the nightmares I faced. It was the product of these thought that
helped me identified with every conceivable problems as well as the ideas on how best to deal with the
situation of bringing help to the vulnerable youth seeking favourable condition abroad through dangerous
journeys in an effort to overcome poverty and the degradation they have been subjected over the years.

One of the variables identified causing communal strives was due to lack of love amongst or between
communities which leads to disunity and hatred and therefore lack of support for needed for one another.
Now I find out that when one find itself into this kind of situation, it breeds distraction, disunity or
destruction amongst members of the society which is common among the blacks community in the world
After much introspection, I was able to come up with three approaches to the solution which are,

  1. The need for love and for mutual respect for one another.
  2. Caring
  3. Supporting for others to succeed.
    Since the major constraint in bringing about community unity is disunity, I was able to realise that what was
    needed to bring about unity is the need to constantly care for one another as well as supporting others to
    One of the major challenges I foresaw was the platform to actually communicate with these communities
    and to discuss common issues affecting them for amicable resolution. And this also borders on ,who to relate

with and who will listen to me and to the issue of how best to Communicate these ideas to the concerned
One of thing that came to my mind was to start planning thereafter toward the realisation of those objective
of creating peace between communities and start to exploring how best to communicate my ideas and
Vision my own little way to those willing to listen to my
I was desperately looking for a platform to execute this bogus initiative and as more ideas were planted and
took the desired root and became more expansive, I then realised that this platform could eventually
materialised into a charitable foundation.
But I think there was more to planning then I started in communicating to seek views or opinions and each
occasion I happened to speak to people about the issue, I realised they easily accept it as if we had the same
thing in mind. This was because they were always quick to realised and agreed that the problem in our
society is but disunity among us which is staring at our faces on a daily basis.
Then I did a video which I posted on Facebook early 2017, which was titled: “What is happening to us?”
A lot of people view the video which was well appreciated and liked. That was when the reality of what has
been bordering my mind over the years came to the fore. I saw this as an opportunity to leverage on the need
to swing into action to use this platform to project or propagate the problems of the vulnerable and also to
use it as an avenue to proffer solution where possible.
The sufferings of people all over the world especially the Africa decent community was soon to be launched
through the platform of the organisation about to be established.
In June, 2017, I made a plan to travel to Africa and to try and make an assessment of the true situation of the
problem and also to consider the way forward.
After spending two months in Nigeria, I further discovered the gravity of the problem and how hard and
daunting and overwhelming the task could be in trying to resolved this problems.
The list of the problem discovered in Nigeria were, In fact, endless. It ranges from lack of trust, love and
unity, and this provoking further hatred, betrayal and total lack of accountability.
Looking at these multifaceted problems, for it looked mountainous, I almost felt very discouraged and
frightened recognising that the task was too overwhelming and very difficult to face or tackle headlong

despite these initial anxiety, I was determined to push on with the idea because I believed in the project so
long it was aimed at bringing soccer to those in need of help. Then, I not k lye saw myself as a Nigerian but
as the true son of Africa decent who has been called to emancipate and liberate his people.
On my return from Nigeria, I began to work on the proposition to find a lasting solution to all these
problems starring our youth on their faces.
In summary, I was able to come out with three main theme which now formed the fulcrum of the Frugal
Foundation through which nations can be rescued and be set free.. There principles or themes are,

  • To love.
  • To care.
  • To support others to succeed in life.
    In order to actualise these three ideal principles, Mr. peter realised there should be an Initative to help drive
    these ideals or force. I recognised that without these force, the actualisation of these principles might not
    work out. Therefore I proposed an initiative where it would be possible for the poor youth to engage
    themselves in learning skill or vocation to prepare them for entrepreneurship. In this way, they could be
    engaged and be able to earn a living of their own without been dependent.

“there are so many talents among Africa youths today who are idling away because there is noting to
engaged them.
Peter believe the geniuses or talents and the ability to develop their talents. I believe that. greatness of the
western world lies in the hand of the talented people who help to explore their technology and help built
industry where gainfully they can be employed and then created millions of jobs and opportunities to their
This means, when we creat a platform for these talents to succeed, they can be very creative and help built
industry where many youth can be gainfully employed and therefore help in resolving the problems of
unemployment. This will help stem the tide of African migrant trying to find their way to Europe for greener
pastures as a way of avoiding poverty that had bedevilled them over the years.
Mr. Peter having studied this concept came with Talents Development Initiative(TDI), which targeted
talented youths who show signs of technological ingenuity.
Mr Peter opined that, “It these set of people are giving an opportunity to explore their potentials and then be
empowered, they will be the economic engine of nations.
Mr. Peter believes that every individual is born with a given talent and the capacity to explore various skills
in life. But somehow, this ability to explore and discover an uncharted course of your talent and skill
depends solely on the individual socioeconomic orientation and backgrounds.
As you can see, in some economically backward society, many talents youth because of their lack of formal
education, easily feels very disoriented and lost focus and therefore end up wallowing away in Self pity and
are totally confused about what to do with their lives. And those who are really determined to explore their
skills by acquainting themselves with one vocation or the other are discouraged to forge ahead for fear of
their poor economic standing since there is no one to support their dreams. These classes of people falls
between the age of 16- 28 years are very susceptible to rape and all sort of social and racial abuse.

That is why Mr. Peter was convinced that creating a platform became imperative to assist or support these
talent youth to drive their dream and become successful in their various endeavours in our society. And
hence the setting up of The Frugal Apprenticeship Initiative(FAI) to guide help drive this prospect.

Under this Initiative(FAI) youth are encouraged to acquire various apprenticeship or vocational skills to
enhance or expand and sustain their entrepreneurship abilities. This is to geared toward reducing the
problems of poverty and unemployment amongst the vulnerable youth and making them self reliant.
Another worrisome trend is where the vulnerable or less privileged are entirely neglected or not catered for
by those who are in a position to assist them. These are those who need basic necessities of life like food,
cloths and good health. The factors for these wonton neglect could be traceable to cultural believes and
values, religious misconceptions etc. Like people failing to show sympathy for them those in need. These
lack of of human kindness and sheer selfishness are some of the reasons why most people in our society
today suffers the way they do because some of us who are fortunate to help will refuse to do so.
This was the reason why Mr. Osezua came up with the Charity Initiative(CI) where we support those who
are deprived of the basic necessities of lives. . Those in this category for example: are orphanages, widows
and victims of crisis situations or environments.
Also have crisis settlement like IDP camps,, victims of natural disasters such as mudslides and floods etc
Again, Mr. Peter believes that “to help big, you must have big. To think big, you must dream big, to save
more lives, more resources are required”.
This is one of the reason why Mr. Peter under the aegis of charity initiative(CI) came up with the Caring
Saturday’s Initiative(CSI). This is where kind and generous minds reach out frequently to the vulnerable
ones. It is a monthly feeding or initiative where the vulnerable are fed with cooked food and raw food
distributed as well to them. This means that every Saturday of the month, the needy are organised at a

designated location and supported with available resources to meet their daily needs. We have achieved a lot
by feeding hundreds of thousand in this respect.
Mr. Peter Osezua started business in telecoms( handset and accessaries) while still at the university where
he successfully employed over 20 staff. After his graduation from Ambrose Alli Univrrsity, . Peter went for
the mandatory service of National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) the following year, 2008 after which he
relocated to United Kingdom(UK)for further studies.
The need to help salvage the plights of the vulnerable constrained him to set up The Frugal Empowerment
Foundation, a nongovernmental Organisation in 2017 which have had successes behind it so far. Currently,
the Foundation has 17 managers, 45 supervisors, over 354 volunteers and over 2000 members across the
world. It has also empowered over 700,000 people across the world. The Foundation has been duly
registered both in UK as well as in Nigeria. The Foundation is expected to spread to other countries like
Greece, Italy etc.
The Frugal Foundation has spend over £1.5m since its establishment of which 90% of the fund expended in
running the Foundation came from Mr. Peter Osezua, its Founder and 10% contribution from other
individuals donors and trustees of the foundation.
Since its inception, The Frugal Empowerment Foundation has not received any funding or grant from any
donor or public organisation. In other words, the running of the Organisation has been wholly depended on
the personal financial sacrifices of Mr. Peter Osezua who is determined to support the less privilege and
create a new life for them.
It is the conviction of Mr. Peter that his best can only be achieved in life by empowering others to succeed.
Through the Frugal Foundation, Mr Peter Osezua has supported many recording artistes in producing their
albums with many soul touching and inspiring songs. Some of these artiste and their beautiful songs are as

1): HILDA:
•children of this Nation.
•What we can be.
•Frugal Love the world.
•Papa God.
•Unbreakable focus.
•My love for you.
•My special day.
•Drop down Low
•Africa Lady

Mentored: Mi Casa Su Cover, Again
2): FEMTY :
•Caring Saturday’s
•Gbaga suaga
•Yawa (corruption)
•One Nation

•Proof who you are.

•Not pretend
And many more
Their skill initiative program has also provide trainings for over 200,000 less privileged across the states in
Nigeria and in the UK.
This man’s vision lies with the believes that through his main three main ideals or principles (to love, care &
support others to succeed) the nations can live in peace and the world to a better place.

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