Amaka Eze

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Please support Amaka Eze, a young Nigerian food vendor who sells pears and resides in Abuja. Despite starting with a small amount of money, she has struggled to make a living with a capital of only #15,000 which is equivalent to £16.50. Her profits range between #4,000 and #6,000 which is equivalent to £5.50-£8 and are not sufficient for her to sustain herself, especially given the high cost of inflation. In addition, her mother is currently ill and does not have enough income to pay for medical bills. Your support could make a significant impact on her life. Despite her young age, Amaka should be in school or learning a skilled trade. However, due to her poor family background and financial constraints, she is unable to pursue those opportunities. Your support can help boost her business and provide her with a sustainable means of making a living.

Amaka is currently seeking to raise #800,000 to rent a kiosk and transition from hawking food, which is not ideal for her health and safety as a young girl. With this funding, she believes she can start a sustainable business that will provide a means of livelihood, allow her to return to school, and eventually become an entrepreneur. Your support can help make this dream a reality for her.

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