FEF Lives on

Frugal Empowerment Foundation reassured their members today, for those who doubt their mission, to rethink because the FEF mission comes to stay and it will grow as days, months and years passes by. Even in centuries to come.

Happy New Month from FEF

Today, we appreciate those who throws their unlimited supports for this humanitarian mission. Thanking you daily might not event be sufficient, please accept this wishes as one of our millions of thanks for joining us to save and provide for millions of the vulnerable communities .


Other Means to Donate to Grace For UK Donors Bank Name:Metro Bank Name:Frugal Empowerment Foundation  Sort Code:23-05-80 Account No:45893774 Ref:Grace+Your first name or Initial Use IBAN:GB25MYMB23058045893774 (Please use IBAN for  international payment only) Nigeria Donors:Name:Frugal Empowerment FoundationAccount No:0076069968Bank Name: Union bankRef:Grace+your name Thank you and may God bless you as you do so.


YOU ARE INVITED We are excited to extend an invitation to the upcoming ‘Greenwich Youth Music Performance & Award Ceremony’ on July 1, 2023, sponsored by FEF. Join us for an unforgettable showcase of talented young artists and musicians receiving awards for their exceptional performances. To secure your spot, please register now @ signup Entry … Read more

Mrs Precious O

Please join us support Mrs Precious, with her little kids, no hope of securing a job, she intented to start a small business, but could not raise capital, no access to loan, if no one provides for her, starf together with her little three children. The only hope she have right now is you. Give … Read more