Buried by mediocrity

There was a society where lived many talents who can shake the world with amazing technologies. In this society, there were great singers, philosophers, and great artisans. They served under a master for mentorship. The master used them and their resources. No sooner had they discovered than they forgot the process they were undergoing (that is mentorship for purposefulness). They were so eager to break loose without understudying the principles and practice of corporation and unity. 

They had various talents and multiple differences. They were dynamic and daring yet they were at the time very myopic. But, knowledge they say is power, this was their first finding and their biggest woe. They failed to find wisdom which is the principal of knowledge. They never knew that without wisdom knowledge can be a weapon of destruction than for development.

Knowing they had resources, natural and human they felt they were better off without a mentor. They came together, united by one desire- the quest for freedom to use their resource. They had no unity of purpose; they lacked the wisdom to manage their diversity. They had no knowledge of their impending doom.

A child who strives for his father’s throne without understanding can be handed the staff of authority to use it for a show rather than for justice. This society pushed and the mentors seeing the opportunity to keep them in perpetual slavery bundled them together in error, and they became a disaster ready to happen.

Bound in error, with power (knowledge) that intoxicates (of course they were never told), they all began to progress in error because there was no wisdom present to guide the application of the knowledge. Their disaster came faster and they began to boil. Dynamic talents without wisdom are destructive dynamites waiting to explode.

Where wisdom is absent knowledge becomes manipulative, this society of diverse communities began to manipulate each other. Wars of words grew into wars of weapons and back to wars of words and the cycle continued till date.

Because wisdom was absent in their knowledge their learning became reversed. While progressive communities and societies in the world elevated wisdom based knowledge, they elevated sentiment and position seeking. They learned for the power of knowledge instead of the application of the same. Soon they began to certify ignorance and began to empower mediocrity.

However, individually they loved the development in the larger society, some went on a solo drive for wisdom based knowledge. They found it for the searching but had no grounds and opportunities to explore their learning and apply their knowledge for the benefit of their communities and society. The best of the best were stolen away by those who value them; this became common practice for the other bests.

This society grew in number, progressed in error, embraced the religion of knowledge without understanding, and practice the learning for certification without the wisdom and discipline to apply. 

Individual growth became the order in the society and this was not without the selfishness and self-centredness of those who grew. This encouraged selfish ideology in business, greedy manipulation in management, and a purposeless position in leadership. No society can survive under this.

The knowledge they thought they had gone obsolete and they never knew it. As a result, anyone could pose to be what they are not and with the principle of sentiment cloaking their eyes they elevated mediocrity to stardom. People rather than principles became the deciding factor. 

Where there are no principles, there can be no systems, and where there are no systems there will be no governance. This society became the haven of bad governance, a community of talents and potentials buried by mediocrity. 


Article By Frugal Empowerment Foundation, email:info@frugalempowermentfoundation.org 

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