Olabisi Fundraising : I am Ola, a fundraiser to the Frugal Foundation. My current project is to help to support vulnerable children at various Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp across Nigeria and the talented individuals.

Below are the list of my campaigns Baby lost his mum while giving birth to him (please help) at Daudu IDP camp Benue State and Giboskil Project.

I will be glad with whatever you are able to support my campaign with. click on the link Olabisi Fundraising to support my effort of saving a child’s life

£1509 (#900,000 eq.) is required to shoot Giboskil the Isaleko music video. Donate to Giboskil-Isaleko Music Video . Whatever you are able to support with, will be highly appreciated.
To promote your brand of the featured video kindly Contact us

Giboskil whose official named “Nengia Ogolo” originally from Port harcourt, River state , Nigeria. As live was becoming more challenging after the loss of his beloved parents, decided to relocate to Lagos with his Twin brother in search for a better life.
Comming to Lagos was another struggle seeing many people in poverty, then trying to lift himself and able help others to succeed in his community. In search for a support, find Frugal Empowerment Foundation having read their profile and see how they are empowering talented youths across Nigeria.
“Since Frugal Foundation signed me on, I have seen a lot of difference in my music live. Today I have 5 sound music tracks and I’m coming out with my first music video titled:Isaleko, please support my project.


We are reaching out to our local community at Greenwich, Woolwch Arsenal Station. this Christmas. Lots of gifts 🎁 to take home, the 23rd December 2020 at 12pm prompt. Come and invite . #observesocialdistancing “face mask-wash hand-Keep Distance”

We want to appreciate those who are supporting this campaign, we will continue to give you the latest on this, so you see how your contribution a making a huge changes in the life of this innocent child.

Donate #Let’s give this Baby’s life a meaning

more relief items provided to the baby.
Update on the Baby who lost her mum while giving birth to him at Daudu Camp
Emergency 🚨 gift aid supplied to Baby Daudu by FEF Benue Team, as a rescue package to save the child’s life.

Total fund raise so far £271
We are saying “thank you” for catering for this innocence child Daudu

His mother died while giving birth to him three weeks ago at the Daudu IDP camp Makurdi, Benue State, leaving this baby at the mercies of kind hearted people. The man responsible is nowhere to be found. This baby needs urgent help and Frugal Foundation wants to give his life a meaning. We believe we can with your support.You can give foods, clothes and other necessities including money for this baby and his siblings to survive. In any way you can, don’t withhold your heart from caring.Thank you for Helping Donate today and give this life a meaning. Send your monies donations to Frugal Empowerment Foundation

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Thank you


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Mrs Deborah Osajie

Mrs Deborah Osajie, originally from Edo State, Nigeria. Who has suffered internal illness as a result of her disability. She is some defects on her arms, legs and eyes which lead her unable to work.
she live as an orphan in a small town call Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria

Why we aided her

Mrs Deborah gave birth to a baby boy at Calvary Hospital and was unable to pay her medical bill, the man who believed to have been responsible for her pregnancy ran away due to lack of fund.

Support Mrs Deborah

Frugal Empowerment came to her rescue after conducting a fundraising and pleaded with supporters to support the cause. Eventually people supported the cause most of whom are from UK .
Today, Mrs Deborah Osajie, has been discharged from the hospital with all her bills cleared by Frugal Foundation through her donors. The community was overwhelmed with joy when they say what the Frugal Foundation has done in the life

since over two years , Frugal Foundation still continues in their efforts to support Deborah, providing her a means of livelihood, offered scholarship to her baby “Godwin”

The Frugal Foundation Fundraising Officer Abuja Nigeria


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