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I am inviting you to my late father’s burial ceremony which is coming up tomorrow the 18th-19th of December 2021 location Uromi

If you wish to gift or support Mr Peter Osezua’s Dad funeral, kindly do so by using the GoFundMe link below

Alternatively, you can reply if you wish to pay to my bank account
Thank you

Blessing’s cancer illness goes severe, with little resources on our hand, we feared she might not survive if enough support do not come.

Please, you can help make a difference on her campaign GoFundMe . And let God reward you this season.

For other form donations,
please message Mr Peter Osezua on Whatapp or call 074604333

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From Frugal Empowerment Foundation

Dear Community, another package πŸ“¦ is going to Nigeria to aid the less privileged this Christmas, especially the crisis victims

Each package cost lot to ship,
If you are touched by our work, please donate to us using the following bank account
APS Bank (Cashplus)
Ac Name:Frugal Empowerment Foundation
Account no:04027718
Sort code:087199
Donate from anywhere in the world using the following link

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Frugal Empowerment Foundation

Dear FEF community,

Please join us save a Child’s life as the crises victims kids at Benue, Borno and Plateau states, are facing a serious economic hardship this season.

Your supports no matter how big or small will make a huge difference. Please help at

For other means of donation, please reply via WhatsApp or email. [email protected]

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From Frugal Foundation

They are counting on you

Help save a child’s life weekly/monthly at

Frugal Empowerment Foundation

We are not a by chance charity organization, we are a charity that truly impacts the lives of thousands in our communities monthly.

Even in difficult times we spare from the little we earned to provide for the less privileged living among us.

You can be part of this charity organization too

Weekly/monthly contribution at

Stay tune, as the Frugal Foundation leadership book hits institutions soon.

Thank you for your continuous support

Yes, another historic event. Caring Saturday’s event for the Elderly UK went successfully. Our parents are rejoicing and love this event comes every week. More at Our

Thanks to Frugal Foundation Team, sponsors and members. We are grateful always