Destination Benue 2020:

Another window to share love

The Internally Displaced People’s-IDP Camp at Daudu Village, Makurdi, Benue State is one place of interest for us at Frugal Empowerment Foundation just as the ones in Plateau, Gombe, Edo and other areas where we have stretched our Caring Saturday’s too.  

The Caring Saturday’s program as one of our charity initiative has proved to be one of the greatest humanitarian initiatives of this generation. With our reach cutting across the seas to Royal Greenwich, London and Athens in Greece, the feeling of joy that has accompanied this (one of the three branches of the frugal Initiative) is unmeasurable.

Preparing for the Caring Saturday’s is quite herculean; the process of getting the raw food to be shared donated to that of preparing the cooked foods to be served is pretty exhausting and leaves everyone worn out at the end of each Caring Saturday’s event.  

What more can we say, from the Ebonyi project to Gombe, to Jos, now to Daudu IDP camp Makurdi, in Benue state and later to Lagos where we look to end the year 2020 with a more formal conference and lecture toward nation-building all in Nigeria, this humanitarian experience is a worthy tale that we are ready to tell. 

As time passes, we are observing those who are making history by sacrificing their time, resources, and efforts to support those in desperate need of help in our communities. We shall note only echo your efforts for global recognition but we shall also echo the impact of your sacrifices both in kind (for our dedicated team and volunteers) and that of your generosity (for our ever liberal donors). 

When we help, no matter how small, it provides a huge relief to the beneficiaries. Since building a profound nation starts from caring for one another, the Caring Saturday will remain a priority for us at the Frugal Foundation. 

Our love and care knows no borders, race, gender, and religion. We bring people together irrespective of their differences to benefit and be a benefactor, depending on everyone’s capacity or limitations and challenges as the case may be. 

Lives must be touched, but it cannot happen without galvanizing willing and generous persons to identify with a committed and sincere team that assures delivery of donations to the recipients. The process of finding trustworthy men and women who will sacrifice for the benefit of others could be daunting, but we at Frugal have surmounted that hurdle. However, the hurdles of getting sufficient supports and donations have remained with us. Yet we are not deterred.

This December (2020), offers another test in time, as the road leads to Benue, the Daudu IDP, where we have volunteer teachers taking care of imparting knowledge on the little children which are sentenced by fate to a life of near hopelessness. There lie lives of the elderly judged to a life of lost hope by a man-made disaster in most of the cases. 

But then, to us, it is another amazing window to share love and bring happiness to the vulnerable that are neglected by the society that reduced them to naught. We cannot be tired and we trust you are not; for those who have been our pillar in cash and kind. We are sure you are motivated and touched to reach out to you who is just coming across our foundation. 

Our donors present and future, we need you now than yesterday. Join us in the fight to put smiles and sustain it on their faces and leave a lasting impact in their lives. Be a part, contribute, share, and publicise until we can hold our heads high in pride to have relieved the vulnerable and empowered the hopeless.

In all, we still say, Thank you in anticipation…! Thank you in all…! Let’s get this done.

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Article By Frugal Empowerment Foundation, email:info@frugalempowermentfoundation.org