Social Media Manager

we are currently looking a volunteer for the following positions,
social media manager

EXPERIENCE : Basic Computer Experience,
Social Media marketing/advertising.
There is no specific pay attached to this job, however certificate of work experience as well as recommendation letter can issued to candidates whenever required.

Fundraising Manager

Fundraising manager required to manage our fundraising campaigns. Candidate must have fundraising experience and should be able to showcase his/previous fundraising success.

Pay is on commission bases. Kindly contact admin for more details

Music Teacher

We are currently looking for a music teacher Music teacher to engage students in our after school hour Music Academy Program
Qualified candidates must have basic Music knowledge, must be able to handle musical instruments, Must be passionate about music to impact others, Must posses good communication skills
*Must be patient, tolerance, and understand students capabilities *

He/She should be able to posses;
•A Bachelors Degree in music Certificate
•Educational Music Certificate
•Must be a UK residence.

•Must have up to date DBS

Applicant Apply Below Using the Following Application Form


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