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Giboskil performing at De Dems Hotel, Vitoria Island, Lagos


Dreams gradually becoming a reality as Giboskil enlisted as one of the musical Artist to perform at Fela legendary event, this Saturday, the 30th October 2021, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria. Book Giboskil for a show at APPOINTMENTS

Giboskil live performance at 7:20pm, Naija time. Please do not miss this.


Today, we are launching one of the most inspiring party music video by Giboskil-Selele. A Nigerian 🇳🇬 Afrobeat musician.

Launching Record Label: Frugal Entertainment

On premier. Watch at 6:45Pm UK time. Download at Shop


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Giboskil whose official named “Nengia Ogolo” originally from Port harcourt, River state , Nigeria. As live was becoming more challenging after the loss of his beloved parents, decided to relocate to Lagos with his Twin brother in search for a better life.
Comming to Lagos was another struggle seeing many people in poverty, then trying to lift himself and able help others to succeed in his community. In search for a support, find Frugal Empowerment Foundation having read their profile and see how they are empowering talented youths across Nigeria.
“Since Frugal Foundation signed me on, I have seen a lot of difference in my music live. Today I have 5 sound music tracks and I’m coming out with my first music video titled:Isaleko, please support my project.


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