• This Foundation was founded by a selfless, humble and altruistic man by name Mr Peter who was driven by the sheer desire of seeing the reduction of the frightening and unimaginable level of poverty and deprivation confronting us in our society, as a way of complementing the efforts of our various governments. The target of the Foundation are the hapless millions of talented youths whose dreams or vision have been hampered or jeopardized by lack of supportive encouragement from their environment. This Foundation is keen therefore in assisting to unlock the economic potentials of these hapless youths by redefining their prospects, perspectives in life and assist in actualizing their dreams.

The precept of this Foundation is based on the NEED to serve OTHERS, that is, to help others succeed in fulfilling their aspirations which they have always yearned for.

There is no gain saying that the governments through its various agencies and department cannot do everything alone especially in terms of job creation. They may be fervent and their efforts, genuine enough in this regard but our sensibilities are continually been assailed on a daily basis as we are been inundated to various medias reports- print and electronics and now joined by social medias enunciating the economic policies and programs of governments aimed at fighting unemployment among others. But the irony of it all, is that the more we hear about these policies, or programs, the more aggravated the issue of unemployment seems to be and which really as a matter of urgency, is almost becoming a time bomb waiting to explode if not already in that state.

Greenwich London