Femty Fatizo is a born musician and has alot of inspirational songs in him. Said Mr Peter Osezua, his music mentor founder “Frugal Foundation”. His first official music video will be out coming this December 2021, Femty is currently performing live at two locations this month in Lagos and Abuja. Stay tune. Hire Femty at APPOINTMENTS

Femty-Yawa song track now on play stores. Download from store at

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FEMTY on his humanitarian mission during the Frugal Caring Saturday’s event this April


Femty Fatizo, a humanitarian music artist trained/mentored by Frugal Foundation. Femty’s music has touched thousands of lives in Nigeria, UK and beyond. His popular song is the Frugal Caring Saturday’s, follow by xenophobia.

Join the Thousands of Femty fans to watch and celebrate his first music video ‘Temper” this New Year eve 2022 at 6:pm UK time on YouTube Premier

Femty music style named; Afroraggae

Today, We Named Femty’s Musical Style as “Afroreggae” to enable us keep focus on his musical career. Femty is an exceptional musician whose music no doubt will impact the world positively .

Femty-Caring Saturdays

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