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As millions of talented youths lay waste across the nations because they lack support and encouragement from the society, Frugal Empowerment Foundation under her Talent Development Initiative, continues to take the lead in their efforts to support the Talented people, promote and launch them into the entertainment industry and help them use their potentials positively. Like to SPONSOR A MUSIC ARTIS or your favourite artist at BOOKINGS

Sing & Win Music competition

1st October 2022, Frugal Entertainment is offering a ‘Sing & Win’ music competition, . 1st to 3rd best singer of the 3 out of 5 Frugal Entertainment music artists song track takes money home. Up to £140 (eq;#100,000) to be won.

The following is the enlisting music tracks for this first compection

  • Femty-Temper
  • Hilda Muna-Bam Bam
  • Willy Blinkz-Slowly
  • Giboskil-Selele
  • Loso-Ja sorry

How Do I Get The Song Lyrics?

All the enlisted song lyrics will be posted here on the night of the event 1st October 2022. Please keep a watch on our update.

Will the Song be available here on your website

These songs are available on the promo video that will be released live on our intagram page @frugalempowermentfoundation or @frugalentertainment.

How Do I get involved?

Due to the high volume of participants, we suggest you pre register by using the link signup as priority will be more giving to those who register earlier.

Where Do I send my Finish work To?

All finish work will be sent to our official email

How Do I know I won?

This will be announce on our official platforms and official email will be sent to you and you will be invited to speak to Founder Mr Peter Osezua online

When must I submit my work?

You must submit your work lasted before 12:00am on the 10th October 2022. Please any work submitted after this hour will not the accepted.

Coming UP: Femty-my bele (Frugal Endorsement) on Youtube premier at 7:00pm today, the 20th August 2022.

Hey““`, Join the hundreds of our fans who will watch this on our YouTube channel at 7:30pm today

Presented by Frugal Entertainment. With lots of country music tracks from FEF top music artists. Live on Facebook and YouTube 27th August 2022. Do not miss it.

Host:Mr Peter Osezua (Song writer and a music counselor)

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Get the hint of the music and many more

Coming up: Frugal Entertainment Dancers

As a our community music project progresses, we sees a need to support talented youths who are good in dancing and therefore, create employment for them. Please stay tune for more.

Frugal Music Artists “Femty, Willyz & Loso” on their Abuja Music tour Friday-Sunday 29th-31st July 2022.

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Latest: Watch Hilda Muna live on Friday, 1st July 2022 @ 7:30pm UK time on YouTube Premier

Music UK Launching

We are pleased announce the official launching of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation Music UK project aimed to empowered young people who has the aspiration to become a musician.

More at


Keep checking as we are planning bigger event soon

Watching Our Live Music Entertainment


The event took everyone by surprise as the Frugal Entertainment music Artists performs. His Royal Highness, King Aslem Aidenojie of Uromi Kingdom, Esan, Edo State, Nigeria, presented awards to the artists to marks their efforts on their humanitainrian music entertatainment as they continue to impacts community with their tune of music. He thanks the Frugal Empowerment Foundation for empowering these youths and asked others to follow suit.

FEMTY-TEMPER Coming soon

More at Femty



Hilda Muna-All I want is you
Hilda Muna-Wayo
Hilda Muna-Children of this nation


Loso live performing tonight at Citadel, Uromi. Book your ticket at


Giboskil-Yeah Africa
Giboskil-Big Man



Femty Fatizo-Yawa
Femty Fatizo-Temper



Loso-Ja sorry
Loso-Na wao



Willy Blinkz-Na who be the leader
Willy Blinkz-Back to the beat


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Coming soon: Femty song titled “Temper” is coming out soon. Fans has been waiting for this music video. This is going to be Femty first most video and May as well be one of his best music track.

More about Femty at FEMTY FATIZO

Femty storm the ghetto-Makoko Lagos, on his musical song track YAWA

Coming up:Hilda Ft Mr Makaroni on her new music release “Wayo”.

Accordingly Mr Makaroni, “I go win this guys competition”. More of Hilda at Hilda Muna


As we progressed launching the Frugal Empowerment Foundation’s music artists under the Frugal Entertainment Record Label into the entertainment industry, we bring you Giboskil on his live show performance at Palace, Ikeja, Lagos with Seun Kuti. According to Seun, “Giboskil is one of the remarkable music artist yet to be known, his energy and his music style tells how much fans will love him going forward”

More at Giboskil Music

Loso-Ja Soon currently on YouTube/Facebook premier

As we push forward to empowering talented music artists across Nigeria this December 2021. We are planning more music video shoots, we are checking which of our favourite celebrities will be featured. The time is now, let’s do it for our nation.

One of the most inspiring party music video by Giboskil-Selele. A Nigerian 🇳🇬 Afrobeat musician. Sponsored by Frugal empowerment Foundation

Giboskil-Selele music video On premier. Watch at 6:45Pm UK time. Download at Shop

As history will tell, we bring you a list of talented music Artists, sponsored by Frugal Empowerment Foundation under the Frugal Talent Development Initiative (FTDI). Will be live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter at 6:00pm UK time today the 25th July 2021. FEF Founder: Mr Peter Osezua, urged fans, supporters not to miss this, as this online music event will tell the most fulfilling moment in the Humanitarian music industry. Like to sponsor an Artist? click here Sponsorship Form

We are now on TV, watch us on ITV, GOTV, Startimes, TSTV.

live streaming

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No to loneliness (non stop music mix)

Live streaming starts now.
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We are Live Streaming today at 7:30pm UK time. Get the best from the latest music artist enlisted by Frugal Entertainment. FEF Sponsored

Frugal Empowerment launched on 15th May 2021. Our great appreciation to members, trustees and sponsors for their supports and participation for the launching

This Saturday, the 15th of May 2021, we are launching the Frugal Entertainment as a record label. Which is another success to the Frugal Foundation as her efforts to support the talented people grows daily. Now we are launching the talented artists into the entertainment industry

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Not slowing down, Hilda Muna is giving the Africa ladies the confidence they need with her tune of music.

Today, We are preparing for one of the most remarkable music video shoot event in Lagos, as Hilda Muna is currently working on her song titled:Bam Bam. “Can’t just wait for this Video to come out soon, the ladies are crazy for the swag already ”. Frugal Music Manager said
official sponsors FEF, STAGE19

Not giving up, New release by Giboskil-Selele. be the first to listen to this song track


We stand with those who are talented but do not have the opportunity to get to the top due to lack of supportive encouragement from their own society. We are willing to turn them from nothing to world famous (Frugal Entertainment)

Hilda at Lagos for the second time, for music record deals. Stay tune for more of her

Today, we meet one of the most remarkable music mix engineer “Indomix” at his magnificent music studio, Festac Lagos as we are pushing our music artist to the entertainment industry.

As we gradually grow the team of talented musicians across Nigeria and beyond, we are pleased to announce, we are now open for sponsorship. To sponsor an Artist or event, click on the following link Sponsorship Form

We are now on TV. Watch Hilda Muna on AIT with Frugal Foundation co Founder Mr Peter Osezua.

GIBOSKIL-ISALEKO (Music Video Official) download at Shop > more about this artist Giboskil Project

We understand what we are looking for. Therefore, we stand firm because with God’s strength, we shall get there. Giboskil music video in progress (Lagos). Support Talent at http://Giboskil music project

Today, Hilda Muna on her music titled “ Africa Lady’s shocked the Chinese Village, Lagos with beautiful African dancers with Africa attires as she stole the minds of the audience and neighbourhoods

A need to collaborate, Hilda Muna with FEF music manager at Jovenic Bar GRA, Lagos

Hilda at Peka’s club today at Ikeja Lagos, with FEF Manager as her music touches ground in the street of Lagos Hilda Muna Music Project

Hilda Muna Music Project Coming soon. Hilda Muna on AIT

Today, The 14th March 2021, We are launching one of the artist “Giboskil” music video, on his music tittles: Isalekoas part of the Frugal Talent Development Initiative (FTDI) to empower the youths in our community. Sponsored by Frugal Empowerment Foundation. Supported by Stage-19

At at time, when help is not forthcoming, Frugal Empowerment Foundation is empowering the Young Talented Youths and launching them into the musical industry. Stay tune for official video

Don’t miss this: New release from Hilda Muna-mashup. Download this music at Shop


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Hilda Muna on a sport light, on her new music released “Mashup” ft Davido, Omah Lay and 8 other popular artists. Just like yesterday as Frugal Foundation starting her mission empowering this young lady, today we can testify our efforts to empower the youths are working. It proof there is so much we can be when we support one another to succeed in our communities. Hilda Muna Music Project

Today, We launched the music ”One Nation” to unit people across the world, so people understand who they are and work together as one community to overcome the spread and the elimination of Covid-19. By Mc Oracle, Vicky Song, Prince Praise & Bro Joseph

Hilda Muna lives on Facebook with Frugal tomorrow. Please do not miss this.

As the effects of the Covid-19 increases and the lockdown rules tense, there are those in state of loneliness and isolation right now. We are providing online music entertainment as a relief program to reduce the effects.

The Nigerian musician ‘Hilda Muna’ inspires millions of people with her tune of music for good

Download the music track

As the Covid-19 crisis spread across the world, costing the lives of over a million people, with countries currently battling with the virus and over 15 millions jobs loses due to the effect, the FEF artist release her new music video ‘The world is changing‘ also know as Hilda Muna-Covid-19)

As loneliness and isolation increases due to the covid-19 lockdown that is currently affecting millions of people globally, Frugal Foundation is bringing you live music entertainment as a source relief. Join us live on Facebook

Hilda Muna-Again new release

Hilda Muna said ‘Thank You’

check one of the most revolutionary charitable event , coming up 11-12th December 2020, and the musical artists empowered by the Frugal Foundation turning up for the event

New music release by Giboskil-Isaleko

FEF sponsored

Give: by Mc Oracle & Crew

Caring Saturday’s for the Elderly UK. We are working hard to expand this. Our concern for our elderly UK currently is, Loneliness and Isolation as they has been separated from many of us, their love ones due to Covid-19 situation the world is currently facing

Join us today, as we understood what individuals, families and communities are going through at the moment due to the pandemic lockdown efforts.
we launched the online musical campaign to free people from isolation and loneliness.

find us on Facebook at 6:45pm @frugalempowermentfoundation
“Is going to the ok” Frugal said

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