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Every day, countless children suffer due to circumstances beyond their control some are victims of crises, environmental disasters, poverty, and other unfortunate events. For this reason the Frugal Empowerment Foundation team is dedicated and volunteering to saving the lives of these innocent children. Over the years we work tirelessly with the help of individuals who share our passion for children welfare.

Celebrate Mr. Frugal’s Birthday by Changing Lives!

Join Mr. Frugal, Founder of Frugal Empowerment Foundation, as he marks his special day with a mission to impact the lives of 300k crisis-victim children in North East and Central Nigeria this April 2024.

This extraordinary individual has dedicated years to supporting local communities, not only here in the UK but across the globe.

Be a part of his impactful birthday campaign! Your donation will contribute to making a real difference in the lives of these children.

Give the gift of hope this April. Your support is truly appreciated in advance.

Let’s make Mr. Frugal’s birthday more than just a celebration – let’s make it a day that changes lives!

Mr Frugal
FEF Sponsored

FEF Abuja as part of 300k less privileged impact 2024

Determined to make a difference, FEF is on a mission to positively impact the lives of 300k less privileged children in Nigeria this April 2024.

Join us in this noble cause and be a part of the transformative journey.
Together, we can create a brighter future for these children.

Femty’s Compassionate Appeal Aims to Transform Lives of 300k Crisis-Stricken Children in North East Nigeria

Femty, the Philanthropic Music Artist of Frugal Foundation, earnestly invites the public to unite in making a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable children amidst the crisis in the North East States of Nigeria. This Christmas, Femty is dedicated to reaching young children in Benue, Plateau, and Borno States, aiming to provide them with essential resources such as access to education, school materials like books and uniforms, improved medical care, and a nurturing environment to help them heal from the trauma they have endured since the crisis began in 2014. Your invaluable support is crucial in achieving this mission. Join the growing community of compassionate individuals and corporations who are part of this transformative campaign.

Five £5000 is required to deliver on this project and your support no matter how big or small will make a huge difference.

Let’s come together on December 23rd, 2023, to bring hope and joy to these vulnerable children.
Thank you for being a vital part of Femty’s campaign and making a difference in their lives.”

Be the Lifeline: Act Now to Save a Child’s Life Today at

Every moment counts, and your support can make all the difference. Join us in this mission of compassion and impact. Together, we can bring hope and a brighter future to a child in need.”

Frugal Empowerment Foundation on numerous humanitarian missions have witnessed firsthand the victimization of children and seen how children become orphans and how they lose their parents. We have grieved for the countless children who have died despite our best efforts to help them. If only these children could understand what is happening to them and ask us to save their lives.

Everyday, children are dying in Internally Displaced Persons Camps across Nigeria, as well as in other areas where they are vulnerable to insecurity and violence. Through the Frugal Save A Child’s Life program, Tremendous effort has gone into saving a child’s life, and we have witnessed children who were once in danger but are now thriving with newfound confidence.

However, many children are still dying, and more will continue to do so if neglected with proper care and support

We implore you to join our #savethechild campaign and contribute whatever support you can, whether it is big or small. With your help, we can bring these victimized children under one umbrella and work together to save their lives -0-

The death toll, given by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in a new study on the war and its effect on livelihood published on Thursday, is 10 times higher than previous estimates of about 35,000 based only on those killed as a result of the crisis in Nigeria since violence broke out. Reported by Aljazeera , 24th June 2021.

Daily, we loss a child for no fault of his/her own, due to unfortunate circumstances, some are victimized by crisis, environmental disasters, poverty and many more. We are working hard daily with the help of those, who are passionate about the well-being of saving a child’s life.

Many times, I witness a  child’s victimisation, having worked with Frugal Empowerment Foundation on series of her humanitarian mission, I know how children lose their parents, I know how children become orphans, I have seen lots of children die even with the little we put in place to help, I weep in silence,  tears drops ? from my eyes, if these children could understand what is happening to them,if this child can physically ask you “Am i dying?, please can you save my life?”

Today, many children die at various Internally Displaced Persons Camps across Nigeria, others die due to insecured environment that victimised their loved ones and put their lives at stake

I have worked with Frugal Save A child’s life,  and can understand how much they put to save a child daily, I have witnessed children whose lives were endangered, and are now saved, they grow with confidence that at least, someone cares for them. But many are still dying and more will die if the desirable support is not coming from someone like you who do not want to see children die. This is why we are asking for your support, your help, whatever it is, no matter how big or small, will go a long way saving these innocent children’s lives . To enable you identify this campaign, we named it, as you may wish #savethechild . With savethechild campaign we bring these victimized children under one umbrella and yearn for your support to save their lives. 


Plateau Caring Saturday’s Event as part of the FEF 300k Crisis Victims Children Live Impact Project November-December 2022

Mr Peter Osezua (Frugal) championed this project

300k Crisis Victims Live’s Impact Continues.

Our vision and goal to impact the lives of 300,000 crisis victim children has continued to gather relevance. The impact of the November 2023 program in Plateau, Borno and Benue will continue to resonate. However, the challenge is sustaining the tempo of impact and the hope of a future which the project has brought to them. This, therefore necessitate the call for continued donations and support to ensure effectiveness and the desired result in the long run.

Join Frugal (Mr Peter Osezua) to raise money live on zoom this December 2023, to support 300,000 crisis victims children in Nigeria this November 2023.

It hurts our minds so much that we see children suffering and dying on regular basis for something they know nothing about.

Help us meet our goal. We’re raising money to make a difference and further our cause. To meet new challenges, we’ve set up this campaign here in the UK to support children at crisis environment with a goal of £10,000

Help us meet our goal this November-December 2022

Save a child’s life this November and see the instant rewards.

Thank you and in advance

Frugal Empowerment Foundation

We’re raising money to make a difference and further our cause. Up to 10,000 kids are currently stock in the middle of Ethnic Crisis in Nigeria, many of whom has no access to basic means of livelihood like Baby foods, Nappings, clothes/shoes, education, medical care, clean water. 

Our target is Benue, Borno, Plateau and Adamawa state where these crises (Banditry, Kidnappings, Boko Haram insurgency) are predominant. 

we’ve set up this campaign with a goal of £10,000 to enable us provide these essential needs for up to 10,000 of these crisis victims children this November 2023 using our charity program initiative “Caring Saturday’s” series of events. this means,  We aim to reach out to; 10,000 good people like you to donate at list £1 to provide for a child, between now and November 2023. If you wish to donate more, it means more children’s lives will be impacted and it will help our campaign grow faster. 

No doubt our team has been on ground since 2017, working with community leaders, and with other organisations providing essential relief programs already. Unfortunately, we lost some of them due to lack of resources. Providing these services doesn’t tell it’s over but shows someone like you remembered their needs and care for them this season.

With your help, FRUGAL EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION can reach this goal and continue the work we’ve set out to do in this campaign.

Please help if you can. Every donation makes a difference.


Support Mr Peter Osezua to save a Child this Easter

Our task is to make sure up to 10,000 less privileged children are catered for this April 16th 2022. We can do this with your help.

Save The Child

Donate through Give as you Live Donate

Frugal Foundation at Daudu Internally Displaced Persons Camp (IDP), Benue State, running a seasonal sensitisation program, as a way to educate the crisis victims on the prevention on Covid-19 spread.

Today, is yet another day the Frugal Foundation spread their kindness to the Plateau state crisis victims. You can help save more live at Square Donate

Without your help this terrible vision of the future could become reality. Time could be running out for some who are already elderly.
You can support a child daily, weekly or monthly

A child’s love and affection is very important at their young age.
If they are not not loved and shown affection they’ll feel unwanted.
Frugal Empowerment has taken it upon themselves to spread love to these Displaced children
You too can be part of us with supports and sponsorships.

It hurt our minds to see children suffering and dying for something they know nothing about and we are there unable to do much to help. We believed with you on our side, we can save more kids’s life weekly/monthly at

Donate through Give as you Live Donate

You could make huge impact in these kids’s life by assisting to sponsor their education or support the upkeep weekly/monthly at

Donate through Give as you Live Donate

More at Teyi & Aleri

21st August 2021, Stay tuned as we launch #SaveTheChild# campaign on live streaming Facebook/YouTube

Please join us to save a child’s life


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We trust and believe that with you on our side, we can save more kids’s life weekly/monthly

Donate through Give as you Live Donate

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Our pain is that we are not able to do much in other to save the situation.

Today, we are launching the #savethechild# campaign to enable us provide for more kids who are currently caught in the midst of crisis across various IDP camps in Nigeria. Our major target is Daudu Benue state, Borno, Plateau state.

You must be the change you want to see in the world.
Most times poverty isn’t just about hunger, being naked and homeless alone.
The greatest form of poverty is being unloved, uncared and unwanted
But kindness is a language that even the deaf can hear
Love is necessary for a healthy life
Today, we launched the #savethechild campaign to enable us care for little children at crisis environment. Be part of this at #savethechild

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