FEF March Newsletter Headlines

Frugal’s Life-saving Journey

The Frugal Empowerment Foundation is committed to empowering vulnerable communities through various interventions such as charity, love and support in the area of healthcare, talent development and skills acquisition. The foundation has impacted countless lives through its programs and initiatives, and the impacts are enormous .

Through its various initiatives, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation has been able to reach out to some of the most vulnerable persons in the world, especial in Nigeria, London, and Greece, providing them with essential love and support that they need to thrive. From providing free medical services to vulnerable and underprivileged individuals to equipping young people with vocational skills that can help them earn a living, the foundation is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

The impacts of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation’s work are already visible in the communities it serves. Children who were once unable to attend school due to financial constraints are now receiving an education thanks to the foundation’s scholarship programs. Young people who were once jobless and struggling to make ends meet are now able to earn a living and support themselves and their families through the vocational skills training provided by the foundation. And individuals who were once suffering from various health conditions are now receiving life-saving medical attention and treatment.
If you’re looking to make a positive difference in the world and help empower vulnerable communities, then you too can be part of this success story. By joining the Frugal Empowerment Foundation on its life-saving journey, you can help bring hope and positive change to those who need it the most. Whether you choose to donate your time, skills, or financial resources, your contributions will make a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals and families around the world. Together, we can create a better future for everyone.

Thank You for Supporting our Project Since 2017

Frugal Empowerment Foundation has yet again achieved another historic success with their ongoing initiative, Caring Saturday’s events. This project is aimed at catering for hospital patients and making their stay in the hospital more comfortable and enjoyable.

Since its inception in 2017, the project has received tremendous support from few individuals and organizations who recognize the importance of providing compassionate care to those who need it the most. The foundation has been able to sustain the project due to the continued support of few donors and private funding from the Founder, Mr. Peter Osezua and the trustees who believe in the cause and have been instrumental in helping the humanity.

The Caring Saturday’s event is a monthly occurrence where volunteers from the foundation visit different IDPs camps, Elderly Care Homes as well as hospitals to provide basic necessities such as food, clothing and other relief materials.
The progress of the project has been exceptional, with more person’s and communities being added to the list of beneficiaries.

Frugal’s Focus is Humanitarian for the Hapless

Our vision is meeting the needs of the vulnerable in communities. This is because your collective effort of supports has made this a huge success. At the heart of any successful organization or business is a commitment to meeting the needs of its community. This is because the support and engagement of the everyone of us is essential for growth, sustainability, and impact. At every step of the way, it is important to keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to serve the community and its members, and to prioritize their needs and preferences.
Our vision as an organization is centered around love, care and support for the vulnerable and the needy in our community. We recognize that without the collective effort and support of our members, we would not be where we are today. Our success is built on the relationships we have formed with our members, and the trust they have placed in us to provide the needed resources they need to touch the lives of the vulnerable and hapless people around us.
Whether it is through our charity, skill acquisition or talent development programs, services, events, or outreach efforts, we are always striving to better understand and respond to the needs of the less privileged and vulnerable anywhere on globe. We recognize that every individual has unique challenges and goals, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet those needs.
As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to our vision of love, care and support for the hapless. We will continue to listen to their feedback, engage in open communication, and work collaboratively to ensure that our interventions are aligned with their needs and priorities.
Ultimately, their happiness and comfort is a reflection of the success of our intervention. We are grateful for the trust they have placed in us, and we are committed to continuing to build a strong and vibrant community that are self dependent and sustainable.

Please Stay Tune for More of Mr. Frugal

Mr. Frugal

In recent news, fans and followers of Mr. Frugal, the humanitarian, can look forward to more of his latest activities especially on his charity and humanitarian service plus the spice of his entertainment and artistic prowess in the world of entertainment . With a growing online presence and a loyal following, Mr. Frugal has been inspiring people worldwide to be part of humanitarian works and volunteering for peoples impacting activities.
Mr. Frugal’s latest activities have been kept under wraps, but FEF media can confirmed that he has been working on several exciting new projects that are sure to captivate his audience. Mr. Frugal is dedicated to providing valuable insights and tips on many things from leadership to charity.
“I am thrilled to announce that many hard at work has gone into some fantastic new projects,” Mr. Frugal founder of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation and CEO of the Frugal Businesses said. “He’s always looking for ways to help people come out of poverty, build wealth, and live in harmony with each other and have the best life possible. So stay tuned, because there’s a lot more in store!”

As Mr. Frugal’s popularity continues to grow, his fans can expect even more valuable content and insightful advice.
So, keep an eye out for more updates on Mr. Frugal’s latest activities.

Easter Caring Saturday’s; Hospital Outreach Huge Success

Frugal Empowerment Foundation is set for women empowerment in Borno state Nigeria. This is sequel to the Mama Maggi project initiative skills which started in 202Frugal Empowerment Foundation, has once again demonstrated its commitment to improving the lives of those in need with another successful event. The organization held its Caring Saturday’s event at Bishop Murray’s Hospital in Makurdi, Benue State, over the Easter weekend, where patients at the hospital were catered to.

The event, which was organized in collaboration with the hospital’s management, saw Frugal Empowerment Foundation’s team of volunteers provide food and other essential items to the patients. The patients, many of whom are from low-income backgrounds, were delighted to receive the donations and expressed their gratitude to the organization for its efforts.

Speaking about the event, the Benue State Manager of Frugal Empowerment Foundation, Eunice Ekpanor, said that the organization was committed to helping those in need, particularly in the areas of healthcare, education, and empowerment. She added that the Caring Saturday’s events were part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to give back to society and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

“We know that many of these patients come from low-income backgrounds and may not have access to basic necessities. We hope that our donations will help to alleviate some of their suffering and bring a little bit of joy into their lives.” she said

Frugal Empowerment Foundation has track records of success in its various initiatives. The organization looks forward to accessing grants and donation as well as recognition by the government and other stakeholders for its work.

The Caring Saturday’s event at Bishop Murray’s Hospital is just one example of the impact that Frugal Empowerment Foundation is making on people’s lives. With its continued commitment to improving the lives of those in need, the organization is sure to achieve even greater success in the future.2. Official reports from FEF management reveals that plans has been concluded by the stakeholders to further empower the beneficiaries of the women skill acquisition programme with the business seed funding. More information to come in the coming months.

Frugal Unique Media Uniform Revealed

Mr. Frugal, has revealed his unique media uniform. Mr. Peter Osezua, officially known as Frugal, noted that he chose this uniform to emphasize his frugal lifestyle and maintain a uniform public appearance going forward. He also believes that this simple and practical uniform helps him to focus on his work without being distracted by fashion.
The reveal of Mr. Frugal’s media uniform will garner significant attention on social media in the coming days, with many praising his commitment to charity and humanitarian works as well as his entertainment interest. Some have even suggested that his uniform could become a trend among media personalities and influencers looking to promote sustainable fashion.

Plateau FEF: 200 Widows Empowered Through Skill Projects

Frugal Empowerment Foundation, has empowered 200 widows in Plateau State, Nigeria through skill acquisition projects. The skill project in Plateau aim is to alleviate poverty and provide sustainable income sources for widows in the region.

The skill acquisition projects covered various fields such as disinfectant, soap making amongst others. The widows underwent training and the foundation is soliciting for more support in order to provide all of them with the necessary equipment and materials for adequate empowerment.

Speaking on the initiative, the Founder of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation, Mr. Peter Osezua AKA Frugal, noted that the project was aimed at empowering widows who are often neglected in society. He also expressed her delight in seeing the widows become self-reliant and economically independent.

The beneficiaries of the project expressed their gratitude to the foundation for the opportunity to acquire skills that would enable them to support their families. They also urged other organizations and individuals to emulate Frugal Empowerment Foundation’s gesture and support widows in their communities.

Overall, the initiative by Frugal Empowerment Foundation is a significant step towards reducing poverty and promoting economic empowerment among widows in Plateau State.

Mama Maggi Project: Frugal to Commission end of May

In a bid to advance the empowerment of women in Borno State, Mr. Frugal, the founder of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation, has announced plans of commissioning the Mama Maggi project by the end of May.
The project which is focused on equipping the hapless women in Borno state with knowledge on seasoning making is now to focus on empowering them with the where withal to set small scale production enterprise so they can fed for themselves.

According to Mr. Frugal, the project commissioning aims to further create a sustainable platform for beneficiaries of the Mama Maggi project set-up small scale business. He believes that by providing the necessary infrastructure and support, these women can improve their livelihoods and contribute to the economic development of their community.

“I am delighted with this project in Borno state,” said Mr. Frugal. “Mama Maggi project is one of our women empowerment initiatives, and they deserve to have access to the resources and opportunities that will enable them to grow and thrive.”

2022 Jos Dance Contest: Boy gets Frugal Scholarship

Frugal Empowerment Foundation through her sister organization, Frugal Entertainment Dancer is set to work with the little boy who won the frugal dancing competition awards in November 2022 during the three hundred thousand (300K) crisis victims impact caring Saturday in plateau state Nigeria.

According Mr. Frugal the the boy will be enjoying many benefits including support for his educational pursuit as he develops into a young celebrity dancer.

300k Crisis Victim Project 2022 Impact Video, Out

Doing the right things that have the potential of bringing out the best in people and taking them to the next level is a profitable and fulfilling effort. As frugal’s visit to Nigeria last year November empowered over 200 widows through the skill acquisition programme in an initiative focused on affecting 300 thousand crises victims last year.

Aside from the empowerment program, Frugal was able to impact through charity on the lives of the vulnerable people. The videoes of the the project and the skill acquisition powered by Frugal is now out.

Leadership: Frugal to Reach Out to education sector

All is set this April for Mr. Frugal to reach out to the educational sector on leadership in Nigeria. According to Frugal (Mr. Peter Osezua) Founder of the Frugal Empowerment educating young people about leadership is key to national development and growth.

There has been a growing need to ensure that the youths in Nigeria understand the concept of leadership. The significance of leadership and the agitation for good leader in the Nigerian context is one that has attracted global attention. This has inspired the humanitarian and lover of entertainment, Frugal, to in recent times embark on some series in a bid to help the people take responsibility for the kind of leaders the deserve.

On his scheduled visit in the coming days, Frugal will be hosting leadership programs in some universities as well as secondary schools in Nigeria.

“The focus will be to educate them on leadership and how it would be achieved.” he told FEF media in a telephone chat.

Plateau Women Empowerment Video Out

Frugal Empowerment Foundation in the late last year had a program which focused on empowering widows with skills to enable them earn a living for themselves and sustain their families.

The video of the project which empowered 200 widows with various skills in liquid soap, disinfectants and petroleum jelly production is now available on the Frugal Empowerment Foundation YouTube channel.

Mama Maggi Project: Frugal Set to Empower Women in Borno

Frugal Empowerment Foundation is set for women empowerment in Borno state Nigeria. This is sequel to the Mama Maggi project initiative skills which started in 2022. Official reports from FEF management reveals that plans has been concluded by the stakeholders to further empower the beneficiaries of the women skill acquisition programme with the business seed funding. More information to come in the coming months.

APRIL: Plateau, Benue, Edo Set For Impact

Frugal Empowerment Foundation Benue Chapter is set to hold the promoted Caring Saturday’s 8th of April 2023 which is specifically targeting patient at some of the hospitals in the state. The charity hospital outreach is targeted at giving support to patients who are in the hospitals and are evidently in need of resources to carter for their bills and other material needs.

FMA: Batch A Set for 1st Official Music Production

The batch A of the Frugal Music Academy (FMA) UK is set for their first official music production in the coming days of the second quarter. According information coming from the Academy in Woolwich London the pioneer batch of the academy is preparing there maiden musical production to showcase the various musical skills they have learnt from the Academy.

Recall that the Frugal Music Academy commenced training at the centre in December 2022 after about a three months long preparation and orientation on the need the academy has come to address within the Woolwich community.

FEF media also reported in the last edition of our monthly Newsletter of the recommendation from the Woolwich community head and the interest from professionals to render their services in the academy to groom the young talents.
Consequently, the FMA is on track for a recording breaking achievement and is open for more entriess as well as supports from well meaning individuals and organization to expand the reach for others.
Mr. Frugal the founder and coordinator of the FMA has expressed gratitude to the host community for collaborating the Frugal Empowerment Foundation. “Thank you community, for joining us to support young talents (FEF)”

Thanks Great Ladies, Women: Frugal Lauds

The Frugal Empowerment Foundation in commemoration of the International Day for Women, March 8 2023, recognised the women who have played key roles in seeing to the success of the FEF programmes.
These are women who in no small measure have been instrumental in galvanizing and mobilizing materials and coordinating the effective distribution of relief materials, caring and supporting the vulnerable communities since inception of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation.


The Frugal annual recognition award designed to appreciate people who have been supporting FEF projects, will official kick off between May and June this year (2023).
It has become a tradition for the Frugal Empowerment Foundation to recognize donors and sponsors, Corporate or individual who had supported and has continued to support the various projects of the FEF with the year in review as well as members and managers who stood out in their various tasks for the foundation.
This year’s edition promises to be more exciting than the previous year.

FEF April Newsletter Headlines

FEF March Newsletter Headlines

Caring Saturday’s: FEF Edo Prepares to Touch Lives

The Edo State chapter of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation is warming up for a huge humanitarian and charity event in the coming days. According to the State manger, they are working toward having huge donations and relief materials for the IDP’s and vulnerable persons living in Edo State Nigeria.

The move is coming as the current economic realities in the country continues to have heavy impact on the masses regardless of status.

FEF media can say they the event which is scheduled to happen before April 2023 is currently at the mobilization stage.

Frugal wish you love

We at Frugal Empowerment Foundation are always happy to know you are there following up with our events and activities. We are also working on how we can reward your loyalty as we progress in the year. Follow our handles, comment on all our posts and videos to be benefit from our loyalty promos in 2023.

Frugal official profile Loading…

Mr. Frugal’s (Peter Osezua) official profile will be published in the coming days with the first quarter of 2023. FEF media is currently putting together an official profile of the personality, profession and achievements of Mr. Peter Osezua now officially called Frugal.

The profile is coming because of the various investments and humanitarian activities he, Frugal is involved with and giving the global impact the Frugal Empowerment Foundation has continued to make.
Stay tuned as we can assure you that it will be an interesting read.

300k Crisis Victim Lives Impact: Frugal Tours Nigeria

The Founder the Frugal Empowerment Foundation and CEO of the Frugal Entertainment Music label, Mr. Peter Osezua now officially known as Mr. Frugal was on ground as the Frugal Foundation mobilized the resources donated by good willed people and the finances from Mr. Frugal towards impacting on the lives of the 300,000 crisis victim women and children in some state in Nigeria.

The series of events which was championed under the Caring Saturday’s (a signature programme of the foundation) took place in Jos, Plateau, Borno State, Benue and Ebonyi states respectively. Frugal in his style was present to identify with these crisis victims, women and children especially.


300K Crisis Victim Project: Frugal Participate Fully

The campaign to impact the lives of 300, 000 crisis victims in Nigeria was a huge success as Frugal himself participated in the various events. From the video shoot of the artists under the Frugal music label to the Caring Saturdays at the various IDPs Camps in Borno, Plateau, Benue and Ebonyi, Frugal identified with the vulnerable children and women as well as presented various relief materials to make life easy for them.

The project which saw many lives being impacted and encouraged by the kind and charitable gesture of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation was greatly lauded by the beneficiaries and heads of the various locations.


Impact: We should be Celebrating 1.5 million…Frugal

As the project of impacting 300,000 crisis victims climaxes this December, Frugal has hinted that the Foundation would be celebrating reaching out to a total cumulative sum of 1.5 million person since the inception of Frugal Empowerment Foundation. Speaking on the success of the program Frugal, he said “So far we almost hit the target by the grace of God, by the end of December 2022 we should be celebrating 1.5 million life impact as long as Frugal Foundation is concern.

On our entertainment project we have Artists like Hilda Muna and Loso currently on the spot light, Their music projects is attracting some companies, entertainment industries as well those who want to take advantage of the opportunities, as this young artists begin to climb and move their works to the next level.

Benue IDP Gets Free Medical/Dental Care

As part of the campaign to impact the lives of 300,000 crisis victims in November/December 2022, Frugal Empowerment Foundation successfully carried out free medical care at Benue state on 26th November 2022.

The medical care saw the IDP’s having some medical personnel attend to their primary health needs as well as provision of some basic medical material support for the camp, Evidently the camp officials and people there were filled with happiness for then kind gesture from FEF.


Borno Wash Project in it 8th month


The Wash Project in Borno State, which have been happening for since May this year entered it 8th month on Thursday 1st December 6, 2022.

The project which is designed to educate women about sanitary and cleanliness within their communities also provided them with support materials like pads and others sanitary material to be able to maintain personal and community hygiene.


Caring Saturday’s Performance: Frugal Artist Thrill IDPs

As the FEF continued the campaign for the progress and advancement of the Caring Saturday’s, the signature initiative of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation, The November edition was indeed a great explosion of charity with entertainment as we had rising artists like; Hilda, Femty, Loso and Willy Blinz performing on the Frugal Caring Saturday’s in Jos and Benue that was held on the 17th and 25th of November 2022 respectively.

Frugal himself is spotted in his humility, identifying with the downtrodden, Providing them all the with various levels of empowerment and mentorship needed to help them scale through the challenges of live.


The beauty of a leader is seen in the
expressions that light up his followers
faces when he takes the stage to address
their needs and identify
with their challenges


GIRL CHILD PROJECT: Pad the Girl Child
Event Ebonyi Successful

The Pad the Girl Child Programme at Ebonyi State, designed to empower the Girl Child was very successful. The event which happened simultaneously with the Jos, Plateau Caring Saturday’s on the 19th of November was meant to empower young female, sanitizing them on being alert about their personal self, having self-confidence and the ability to observe themselves.

In deed the project was an eye opener to the girls in Egbeagu Izzi community. They expressed gratitude and looked forward to more programmes from the foundation.


Frugal Music Academy UK: Set to Commence Classes

As we welcome the month of December 2022 the Frugal Music in the UK. Is fully set for the first class of music student to be trained and mentored in the Music Academy. The kick off of the music session is billed for 10th of December 2022 and we still have two or three more spaces to accommodate entries.
The program is designed to ensure that playing after school is limited as the younger persons can now be engaged to learn and develop their musical skills at the Woolich Front Room, 105 Powis Street London SE18 6JB. Registration can be done online or you visit Frugal office at no 1c Woolwich New Road, Woolwich, SE18 6EX London, UK


Jos Project: Frugal Lauds Sponsors ad Donors

Following the success of the Jos project this year, Frugal Empowerment Foundation has express much gratitude to donors and sponsors.
Recall that this year 2022 recorded lots of events at the Pleateu State Frugal Chapter, The foundation got some couple of support and donations from individuals and organizations that was material to the success of the programs and projects. Although large portion of funds are contributed by the founder and the Board of Trustees, Mr. Frugal expressed gratitude and appreciated all the sponsors and donors who have been supporting the initiative to be able to empower others in the communities.

The Plateau Caring Saturday’s was a very huge success as community members testified to the benefits of the Frugal Foundation and the impacts in their lives.


Musical Video Shoot: Frugal Music Breaks Records

Frugal Music Label had a record breaking musical video shoot as the music production team led by Mr. Frugal himself shot up to 11 music video last month (November 2022).

The FEF media can say that there seem to be no record of such feat in the music industry in Nigeria.
“That is like we breaking the record. No record label as far as Nigeria is concerned has never been able to do that, but we have done it, that is another huge success and we have the Frugal Entertainment dancers take part in video production.


Frugal Discovers: Recruits Young Talents

The successes from the various Caring Saturday’s championed under the campaign to impact the lives of 300,000 crisis victim would not be complete without the stories of the young talents who were discovered and successfully recruited into the Frugal Entertainment Dance (FED) Crew.

FED is an arm of the Frugal Entertainment under the Frugal Music Label that seeks to create an avenue for young talents in the musical dance and entertainment industry to leverage on the Frugal platform to exhibit their potential.


Frugal Features Mama G, Abayomi in Videos

The Frugal Entertainment Project has recorded another great improvement and reached another milestone as she begins to attract greater participation and now featuring top celebrities across Nigeria.
This was evident in the November Music Video recording which saw top Nollywood actress likes of Patience Patience Uzokor and actor like Abayomi appearing in the Frugal Music video production last month.

Patience Uzokor the popular Mama G featured in Hilda’s, ‘All I Want Is You’ video. Also Abayomi featured in ‘Wayo’ video song track also by Hilda. Frugal himself was not left out as he also made some appearances in some scenes of the various musical videos shot in November featured.

Patience was also featured in ‘The Pray Song’ which had two versions, one was performed by LOSO independently and the other performed by Hilda independently. Both featured Mama G as a minister who had to pray for the artist who had struggled so much without success in the act of the songs. Her, Mama G’s prayer was material to their success as things turned around after she had prayed for the artist in the video respectively.

According to Frugal, Patient Ozokwor was chosen for the role because of her ministry sort of life. “…so we see her as someone who can be able to play the role of that character, …praying for the artist when things were not working, helping to know the way of God and praying God to give him more opportunities to do the right thing in life.” Frugal pointed

Frugal Entertainment Dancers (FED): 40 Recruited in Benue

The November events at the Frugal Benue Chapter saw a significant growth in the Frugal Empowerment Dance (FED) Team. The development means that Frugal currently employs 40 young people as a music dancers in Benue State.

This number rose with the instant recruiting of talents from the IDP camp in Daudu into the team. Frugal during the Caring Saturday at the IDP Camp identified and enrolled these talents into the FED as a way to empower them for an opportunity to perform at national and global level.

Recall that FEF had in August 2022 inaugurated and commissioned the Dance Team. This team took part in the music video shoot last month.


This November

Peter Osezua Realigns, Now ‘Frugal’

Mr Peter Osezua, is the CEO of Frugal Companies and Founder, Frugal Empowerment Foundation. He is an astute businessman with the heart of charity and a virtue of Frugality. Having successfully started and managed business from his days in the University back home in Nigeria, he went on to th United Kingdom and established many other businesses which is gradually becoming a conglomerate under the name ‘Frugal’. Mr. Peter has proven that the principle of hard work has no regards for colour, race, religion or even background, rather, Hard work and determination is always and anywhere rewarded with success.

As the brand ‘Frugal’ continues to make wave through the impact of the Foundation and the successes of the business arms, Mr. Peter began to be know as ‘Frugal’ as the initiator and driver of the both so branded with impact and recognition. No doubt, the need for a proper realignment and proper identification of him became important as he has continued to be the image of the foundation and driver of the corporate arm.

Sequel to this, Mr. Peter Osezua, is now officially called ‘Frugal’. this basically is to ensure easy identification as he plans to continue expand the frontiers of his humanitarian mission and leadership projects
Full profile on Mr. Frugal loading in the next newsletter

Save the Child Campaign: Frugal Hosts Fundraising solicits more support

In a bid to galvanize support for the SAVE THE CHILD campaign which is to anchor the Caring Saturday’s event for November/ December 2022, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation held a fundraising event on the 5th of November as it sort to raise more fund and meet up with the targeted £10,000 for the program.

The fundraising event was quite a success as it was able to add up to the £164 realized before November 5th.





Speaking with the FEF Media Mr. Peter Osezua now known as Frugal stated with gratitude that the fundraiser event of 5th Saturday was a huge success. He appreciated all those who participated in the online event and all those who have made donations to for the project. He however, called for more support and donations from others so as to meet up with the target for the events.


Borno Wash Project now in its 7th Month

Our community project in Borno` state Nigeria continued progressively in impacting the communities The Borno Wash Project which kicked off seven months ago has continued to educated and enlighten the host communities of the project in the past seven months on the importance of personal hygiene and how to maintain cleanliness and live a healthy life within the rural community.
The project so far has been with support from Hope 360


Frugal Set to Impact 300, 000 Crisis Children,
Calls for Support

All seem to be set for the Caring Saturday’s to impact the lives of 300,000 crisis children this November and December 2022. “The enthusiasm is mounting and we are set to touch lives” Mr. Frugal the founder told FEF media in a telephone conversation.

According to him, the project however still need more supports and donations to achieve the targeted goals of providing education support materials, food stuffs and other household items.

“Our target is to raise £10, 000 for this 300, 000 crisis victims but so far just about £324 has been realized both from the online and offline donations. We therefore appeal to all and sundry to join us to make this happen” He appealed.
The Caring Saturday’s Charity Initiative will hold in Borno, Jos, Benue and in the FCT.

Sept: Caring Saturday’s: Ashgreen House,Charlton Care Remarkable

The month of September will remain remarkable for the impact we made at the Elderly care homes with the Caring Saturday’s. The elder in these care homes experienced another excitement and a sense of belonging as the Frugal Empowerment Foundation entertained and thrilled them with music, comedy and other varieties of fun filled activities.


Frugal Empowerment Foundation partnered Orchids Empowerment Initiative for a Girl Child Outreach Program at the Unity Secondary School, Amechi IzhhiaOhaukwu LGA, Ebonyi State Nigeria on Tuesday 11th of October 2022.

The programme featured Talk session, Games and Talk Show as a Community Development Service (CDS) programme of Ms. Godslove a corp member serving in the state in commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child.

Speaking to the FEF media Mr. Peter Osezua, said that the move was a great way to support corp members to be able to actualize their CDS during their service year and the Frugal Empowerment Foundation is open and willing to support such moves.

Frugal Music Academy launched: 1st class begins December

The Frugal Music Academy was officially launched on the 29th of October. The Academy which is designed to engage students/teenagers after school hours and give them an opportunity to explore and discover their musical talent is now set to commence classes.
According to the initiator of the project, Mr. Frugal, the 1st class begins on the 10th December 2022.” And registration is currently on going for interested parents and learners. “We have limited space available. So, early registration is to be considered first.” He pointed.


UK children has since continued to show enthusiasm to participate in Frugal Music Academy. The program which ensures that there will be no room for playing after school engaging them to learn and develop their musical skills at the Woolich Front Room, 105 Powis Street London SE18 6JB. Registration can be done online or you visit Frugal office at no 1c Woolwich New Road, Woolwich, SE18 6EX London, UK

Jos Plateau: Set for Impact

The Jos Plateau state chapter is not left out in the train of the November/December program as they are set to hold another their Caring Saturday’s on the 19th of November targeted at imparting on the lives of Widows and IDP’s. The program which is billed for November 19 will see the Frugal Empowerment Foundation launch out in her style with her bundle of charity to touch the lives of the women, and people in the Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) Camp



Frugal Artists go commercial performing live in states

It is no longer news that Frugal Music is advance the lives of the young artist who are indeed gifted in music. Having made revelation discoveries for them in the raw state, the Foundation has over the years continued to improve their performance and prepare the stage for them to rise to international recognition.
Hilda Muna, Femty Fatizo, and Willy Blinks have continued to rise with the support and mentoring from the foundation especially the personal input and impact made through the founder, Mr. Frugal himself.

We cannot also forget to mention the inspirational World Loso amongst many other who have continued to grow and rise to international olatforms for recognition. These artist are not fully commercial music artists as they are now performing in the different states, making appereances and putting on a star performance at various top clubs such as Vulcano Club, Godfather Club etc. Their presence has been remarkable in the FCT, at Jos, Makurdi, Edo, Lagos and the rest.

It is worthy of mention that these artists are now available for hire to perform at any event in any part of the globe with their amazing talent and message filled lyrics.

Upgraded Edo State Studio Ready for Launch

Edo State Frugal Music Studio is now fully upgraded to a top-notch music facilities. This is as the foundation is now set to launch fully into more professional music video production. The Studio which situated at Ekpoma in Edo State Nigeria set for official launching this yuletide and is ready for contracting and engagement for the purpose.

The development is also to provide a professional base for young artist to be able to develop and grow themselves in the trade of music making and to be able to bring out musical videos that can compete Favourably in the music market.

Musica lVideo shoot: Frugal Music partner top celebrities


All is set for most of the top Frugal artist to feature top celebrities in their musical videos as Frugal Music seeks to promote the artists through classical video performance featuring top actors and celebrities in the movie industry.

FEF media can authoritatively report that in the coming days, the likes of Patience Ozokwor (Mama G) and Abayomi Alvin. The duo Nolly wood artist is expected to grace the video production of Frugal Musical video promotion video shoots in the later days of November and early December 2022.

According to Frugal, the development is design to help the top artists under the Frugal Music Label to rise.


Frugal Entertainment Unveils Dance Entertainment Department


Frugal Entertainment now have the dance entertainment department, this was launched in October. The dancers’ recruitment process was successful and the department is now finally functional to train dancers as well as provide dancers for hire for any musical video production or performance.
The various dance steps from the frugal dance entertainment department will be unveiled in the coming days of the month.

The Frugal Dancers are open for local and international engagement. You can take advantage of this, Links for booking for the frugal entertainment dancers are available on the various Frugal websites

This August: FEF Headlines

This July

Images from UK-Elderly Caring Saturday’s

It was another impactful experience at the Sanctuary Home, Ashgreen, Woolwich UK as Frugal held another Caring Saturday’s, a special outreach to the elderly.

Indeed life is such a phase and we have to learn to live it with humanity at heart. Time-out with the elderly under the Frugal Elderly Care has always being so touching and a lifelong lesson that makes us better people.

There is no doubt about the fact that the joy of our existence is a product of the time we spent lifting others up and lighting their face with the hope that they are always valued.

Thanks to all our donors, sponsors and volunteers who makes this charity initiative possible. We love you all


Photo spotlight


Peter Obi and The Obidient Movement

As Nigeria prepare to elect a new set of leaders to stir the affairs of the country after what has been described as an abysmal performance of the current administration for the past eight years. Nigerian Youths appear to be politically activated with a level of anger and wrath against the political class.

Coming from a bottled wrath for how they were treated during the EndSARS saga in 2020, they seem to have found an opportunity for a sweet revenge and to change the political climate in the country.

What makes it more interesting is the fact that they have massively queued behind the candidate of the Nigerian Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi, a onetime governor in Anambra, one of the south eastern states in the country. Peter Gregory Obi had left the People’s Democratic Party-PDP just a few days before the primary which saw the emergence of Mr. Atiku Abubakar as the candidate of the PDP. Mr. Obi claimed that the system in the PDP was corrupt and against his principles thus his search for a party that aligns with his political ideology.

Since he joined the Labour Party and consequently emerged as the presidential candidate, many narratives have emerged that have continued to mobilize the youth who seem to be rather highly ingenious with the Obi movement.

Today, in Nigeria the cliché ‘Obidient Citizen’, ‘Obidient’ and ‘Obicracy’ is gradually becoming a household word. Even the governor of Edo state alluded to the fact that in almost every home in his state there are youths who call themselves OBIDIENT.

Could this be the journey towards political emacipation? Will the Nigerian Youths be able to sustain the tempo and mobilize greatly to enthrone their choice candidate in 2023? The coming days and months will tell as the candidates which include the powerful Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the ruling All Progressive Congress and a host of others get ready for the commencement of the political campaign in September.

Keep track with us here as we will continue to analyze the development as it unfolds

Written by Chuks O. Joshua, A Veteran Journalist and FEF Content Editor

Frugal introduces UK website

The month of June welcomed the official website for the Frugal UK-www.frugalempowermentfoundation.co.uk. So the global website remains www.frugalempowermentfoundation.org. This is in a bid to improve the effectiveness of the FEF UK projects.


Frugal Empowerment Foundation has always remained a co-joined twin with corporate presence in the UK and Nigeria. Our website has over the years domiciled in on URL- www.frugalempowermentfoundation.org. This site has been used to feature the activities of the various initiatives of the foundation in and outside the UK. The FEF UK site opens a great support for various outreaches in the UK and within the European community.

The Month of June witnessed another stride in the success of our mission to touch lives in the rural communities across Nigeria. The Wash Project is designed to sensitize young adults specially the female on how to maintain cleanliness for healthy living. The project took off in Borno State and witnessed a huge success.

Support for Mrs. Osagie’s Leaking Roof

Mrs. Deborah Osagie is a widow who the Frugal Empowerment Foundation came to her rescue after delivery at the Hospital. She was reported to be unable to pay her hospital bills after giving birth, when the information reached us at Frugal, her matter was quickly handled and her bills paid.

However, our team did not stop there as we reached out to her in her home to find the dilapidated situation of where she lives. The roof is bad and leaky, so when it rains, it literally falls into the house.

Mrs. Deborah is in dire need of a better house to live in giving her physical health condition. We are therefore appealing to you our most reliable partners to combine efforts to give her a shelter worthy of human abode.

Frugal Makes Headline Again

The Frugal Empowerment Foundation again caught the attention of the media. This is to prove the fact that no good deed goes unnoticed, people are watching. As our humanitarian mission continues to expand and capture new horizons, it is becoming difficult for us not to be noticed and applauded by the society who is beginning to feel our impact in every community where our presence is established.

The White Paper Publishers, followed up with the Edge Express in recounting the Frugal story with the caption, “Commending Frugal Empowerment Foundation For Touching Lives, Developing Communities.

Frugal Continues The Stride

Frugal Empowerment Foundation has continued in line of progress and creating more and more opportunities and impacts in lives within the African continent and in Europe- UK and Greece especially.

The month of June witnessed a lot and we have done due diligence in bringing you these developments in this edition of our monthly newsletter.
We are grateful to God and everyone who have continued to support us in cash and kind. For you who is just getting to know about us, our humanitarian train still has rooms for impact makers who desire to touch lives. Come on board lets enjoy the cruise of making worthy sacrifice.

For you who is looking for a family that can show you love and help you actualize your destiny through self-actualization, we are ever ready to accommodate and help you find your path and overcome your limitations. Frugal Cares and Supports.

FEF July Newsletter

Now download/View full copy our July NewsLetter at

Frugal Continues The Stride

Frugal Empowerment Foundation has continued in line of progress and creating more and more opportunities and impacts in lives within the African continent and in Europe- UK and Greece especially.

The month of June witnessed a lot and we have done due diligence in bringing you these developments in this edition of our monthly newsletter.
We are grateful to God and everyone who have continued to support us in cash and kind. For you who is just getting to know about us, our humanitarian train still has rooms for impact makers who desire to touch lives. Come on board lets enjoy the cruise of making worthy sacrifice.

For you who is looking for a family that can show you love and help you actualize your destiny through self-actualization, we are ever ready to accommodate and help you find your path and overcome your limitations. Frugal Cares and Supports.