Marry Ajiboye

???? Help Mrs. Marry Ajiboye Rebuild her Life! ????

Meet Mrs. Marry Ajiboye, a resilient widow with four children, who dedicated her days to working as a debris remover in Abuja. Despite her hard work, inflation has cruelly eroded her monthly income of #20,000, leaving her struggling to survive even for four days.

In a recent eye-opening interview with Mr. Frugal, we discovered that Mrs. Marry spent a staggering #135,000 on expenses related to her job that only yields #20,000. This means she is barely scraping by, relying on daily street begging for sustenance. When no one lends a helping hand, her situation becomes dire.

Mrs. Marry’s story takes a heartbreaking turn – she used to sell foodstuffs until illness struck. Sadly, she had to use her business capital for medical treatment. Now, she can barely afford a meal a day.

We urgently need your support!

Let’s join hands to make a difference in Mrs. Marry Ajiboye’s life. Your generous donations can provide her with the support she needs to rebuild and reclaim a dignified life.

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Your generosity can make a lasting impact. Thank you for caring and making a difference in Mrs. Marry Ajiboye’s life! ????

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