We understand the plight of individuals as well as families and the challenges they face during this period due to the effect of Covid-19, Here at Greenwich, we are offering free meals ,every Wednedays, Thurdays and Saturdays between 12:00pm and 6:30Pm to support the Homeless, Low income families, those with no recouse to puplic fund etc. This is our own way of showing love to those in need at this trying moment. Click Shop to get the list of availabe meals

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1c Woolwich New Road, Woolwich, SE18 6EX, London. TEL:02083160704

Music Newsletter;
As this community project grows wider, we’ve seen a need to create news page to enable each department function in a unique way

This is why we are publishing a Music Newsletter today, the 2nd August 2022.

More at https://frugalempowermentfoundation.org/music-newsletter-2/

Thanks for your continuous support empowering youngsters in our community.

If you have any reasons why you might not support this project, kindly let us know, we will be happy to discuss it.

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Come and witness our testimonies this September as FEF unveiled her UK 3rd Year anniversary and award ceremony.
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