As history will tell, Hilda Muna, through her humanitarian music, shaping the music industry. On her song track “Africa Lady’s” highlighted the beauty of the Africa Ladies and how the world should view the continent as a whole. She said “If you are not from Africa, you are missing something and you need to learn more”. Find out what she is referring to by playing the song below

Play the music at Hilda Muna Music page

What seemed impossible and hard to achieve yet we have people with the talents and expertise to work for the good course with their creativity.

At our skill acquisition centre in Edo State we are determined to support creativity and bring them to the limelight.

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Now we can show the world, our tricycle made, fabricated by our own creative hands, supported by Frugal Empowerment Foundation is ready to go full scale and compete globally.

We have committed over £8,208 (#5.5m) And it requires over £80,000 To set out this industry with the capacity to create over 1000 direct and 20,000 indirect employment opportunities.

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Let’s do this together….