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As history will tell, Hilda Muna, through her humanitarian music, shaping the music industry. On her song track “Africa Lady’s”
What seemed impossible and hard to achieve yet we have people with the talents and expertise to work for the
As many elderly suffers loneliness, others forgotten due to old age, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation is doing everything they can
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Talk to Frugal Foundation, as our efforts to create more awareness and to save more lives grows. Yesterday, the 6th
As part of our efforts to empower the youth, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation has launched fashion design centre at Benue
As our effort to support the less privilege grows, we are asking you not to turn your back on these
Olabisi Fundraising : I am Ola, a fundraiser to the Frugal Foundation. My current project is to help to support
£1509 (#900,000 eq.) is required to shoot Giboskil the Isaleko music video. Donate to Giboskil-Isaleko Music Video . Whatever you
Our effort to care for low income families including homeless in Greenwich grows daily. Support the campaign Donate
We are reaching out to our local community at Greenwich, Woolwch Arsenal Station. this Christmas. Lots of gifts 🎁 to
We want to appreciate those who are supporting this campaign, we will continue to give you the latest on this,
Hear the cry of the two sisters “Teyi & Aleri” who were caught in the might of crisis in Plateau
Mrs Deborah Osajie Mrs Deborah Osajie, originally from Edo State, Nigeria. Who has suffered internal illness as a result of
The Frugal Foundation Fundraising Officer Abuja Nigeria
As our efforts to make Hilda Muna a role model grows, we bring you her latest so you see how
Will You Take The Vaccine Or Not? Talk to Frugal Foundation, as our efforts to create more awareness and to
We are working hard daily to improve our capacity todeliver more services to our BAME communities, but to do this
Together, We are stronger Building on our community work in the London Borough of Greenwich, our project will run a