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CARING SATURDAY'S EVENT AT ASHGREEN HOUSE 3RD SEPTEMBER 2022 This Saturday 3rd September 2022, is another huge day to remember
Today, we launched the“EASTER FIESTA/PAD A GIRL CHILD SENSITIZATION INITIATIVE” ahead of the Easter Caring Saturday’s to cater for up
Happy new month As we go into this new month with lots of success expectations, let not forget those at
As Part of our efforts to empower youths, Frugal Foundation has engaged the Benue youths on production, with the aim
We have less than a month to go for this historic humanitarian event. Please expect more on this Thank youFromFrugal
With your help, we are hopeful our determination to touch up to 10,000 less privilege lives this Easter will be
more at https://frugalempowermentfoundation.org/2020/10/15/borno-state/
A season to test our faith once again, this Easter, we are supporting up to 10,000 crisis victims less privilege.
Enjoy weekend music entertainment brought to you by Frugal Entertainment at 8:00pm tonight UK time. Please stay tune for watching
Do not let our community fail, let's build a profound nation that guarantees opportunity to everyone, including the less privileged
Daily, with your help, we are doing our best to support those who do not have much to live on,
We are leaving no child untouched. If God touches you to support, do not forget to leave a token donation
For as long as your supports never stop coming, we will never stop supporting the less privilege in our communities,Yet
This gift might not be enough, but she is happy for the care and love shown to her. This is
We understand the consequences of a child if not educated. At Gombe state, the Frugal Foundation is currently rendering her
How many widows and less privileged are you willing to support this season? We are imploring you to help no
Check what Hilda Muna is doing this seasonhttps://youtu.be/CDx9l_uz3VI Thank you for not giving up on her FEF Sponsored
Looking at how far we've gone over these years We're here to say no support was counted as a drop
What can you do differently this new year,sow your seed to the poor and see the reward it yield before
Today & Tomorrow, Hilda Muna is live streaming all her music videos on YouTube channel to wish you farewell for
People asked us, how do you manage to raise fund to save lives this way daily. We tell them, not
Without your help this terrible vision of the future could become reality. Time could be running out for some who
The Elderly crisis victims at various Internally displaced persons camps in Nigeria have suffered the worst this season, with little
Femty-Temper is coming out soonBe the first to watch introhttps://youtu.be/oKjJXegSNRo “Thank you” for helping us to bring this talent to
Unless we come together as a united community, our chances of making progress is VERY minimal More on Frugal Foundation
We promised to support up to 20,000 less privileged living among us Christmas 2021, with your help we can hit
Daily, we are working hard to support the less privileged living among us,This Christmas, we are determined to support over
As Christmas approaches, let remember the less privileged , especially the IDPs who are passing through hard time this season
More at https://frugalempowermentfoundation.org/frugal-leadership/ FromFrugal Empowerment Foundation
Here is the good news: Hilda Muna music project has fully gone commercial. Check this out at https://frugalempowermentfoundation.org/2020/10/15/hilda-muna/ We understand
daily we support kids at crisis environment in Nigeria. We can more with your help. support at Donate From Frugal
Finally is at 6:45pm UK time.And you are fully invited We are done with the trainings, Now is the time
Watch the National Music Artistes history before hand athttps://youtu.be/6BA3WT_d7fw Our great thanks to all our sponsors, members and our community
Finally is tomorrow at 6:45pm UK time.We are done with the trainings, Now is the time to invest in the
What can you do differently this Christmas Check out what Frugal Foundation is doing to support the Less Privileged this
Check what Giboskil did today at https://frugalempowermentfoundation.org/music-entertainment/ Be part of the music sponsorship event this Saturday the 20th November 2021
Let make impact this Christmas. As we make history daily impacting the lives of the Less Privileged living among us,
Good morningWhat can you do differently this Christmas? There is a child at Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps in Benue,
We are done with the trainings, Now is the time to invest in the National Music Artists, under the Frugal
Blessing’s cancer illness goes severe, with little resources on our hand, we feared she might not survive if enough support
As our dreams are becoming a reality. Today, we named Femty Fatizo’s music style as “Afroreggae” to enable us differentiate
Be the first to watch the Loso-Ja Sorry preview video Please stay tuned for Femty Fatizo latest song track FromFrugal
Dear Community, another package 📦 is going to Nigeria to aid the less privileged this Christmas, especially the crisis victimsWatch
What we promised you from the very beginning “Empowering the Talented youths in our community, because they are the economic
Dear FEF community, Please join us save a Child’s life as the crises victims kids at Benue, Borno and Plateau
They are counting on you Help save a child’s life weekly/monthly at https://frugalempowermentfoundation.org/savethechild/ FromFrugal Empowerment Foundation
This will blow your mind. Click on the link to watch the full videohttps://youtu.be/RuhFpwyk44k Thanks to all our team, members
WELCOME TO MY PAGE Hilda Muna short biography New release: Hilda Muna-Bam Bam Available at Play Stores. Latest: Watch me
Dreams gradually becoming a reality as Giboskil enlisted as one of the musical Artist to perform at Fela legendary event,
We are not a by chance charity organization, we are a charity that truly impacts the lives of thousands in
We are focused on our shared dreams. Africa will work with sound leadership. Free download athttps://frugalempowermentfoundation.org/frugal-leadership/ Thanks to all our
As we push forward to empowering talented music artists across Nigeria this December 2021. Therefore, as we planned more music
Yes, another historic event. Caring Saturday’s event for the Elderly UK went successfully. Our parents are rejoicing and love this
We are gearing up for the Caring Saturday’s event for the Elderly UK Covid-19 protocols event place and currently in
One Day To Go👇~~~Join Us Tomorrow Saturday The 23rd Of October 2021, we are going to show our elderly Mum
As Christmas draws near, let not forget those who might not afford a meal this season (the less privileged)We are
Nothing strikes our hearts, minds, and soul rather than seeing our elderly parents being isolated or in one state of
Join us This week Saturday 23rd October 2021, we are going to show our elderly Mums & Dads love on
Remember: This week Saturday 23rd October 2021, we are going to show our elderly Mum & Dads love on the
As history will tell, yet another musical artist empowered by Frugal Foundation through community support,Today, known as National Musician. See
Frugal Foundation & the Nigeria child. you can help turn the page #SaveTheChild weekly/monthly athttps://frugalempowermentfoundation.org/savethechild/ Thank youFromFrugal Foundation
https://youtu.be/Y8QF5exb4wAEnjoy yourself with Frugal Community outreach Greenwich’s video (COVID-19 relief package) Thanks our volunteers, sponsors/donors and other community members who
Next week, we are going to show our elderly Mum & Dads love at Sanctuary care home. Charlton, Greenwich They
Frugal Foundation vision for the Africa community. Please join us Today Via zoom for the launching @ 6:30pm UK/Nigeria Time
Just like yesterday, Hilda Muna-Mashup song track ft Davido & ……… is hitting 100k views. Check why Like to sponsor
Though, it seems tough having to provide and give these children a better future, but it is fulfilling when you
As I move closer towards the launching of my song track “Willy Blinkz-Na Who Be The Leader”, I’m privileged to
WECOME TO MY PAGE Contact us at BOOKINGS Latest: Loso-Jarry sorry now on play stores. Download from store at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/wordloso/loso-ja-sory
This week, we are showing love and care for those in a crisis environment, we informed them, no matter what,
As history will tell, Hilda Muna, through her humanitarian music, shaping the music industry. On her song track “Africa Lady’s”
Our support for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at Daudu Camp Benue State continues. Check out how we have been
We comfort the less privileged and provide them with hope to carry on. More at Kids
Your donation can make a huge difference Donate
What seemed impossible and hard to achieve yet we have people with the talents and expertise to work for the
Building on our community work in the London Borough of Greenwich, our project is ruining a series of “Caring Saturday's”
As many elderly suffers loneliness, others forgotten due to old age, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation is doing everything they can
support the youth project at Donate. Thank you
As part of our efforts to empower the youth, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation has launched fashion design centre at Benue
Free Medical outreach, food materials provided and entertained with music, quiz, arts etc
Today, we launched one of the historic music track “Isaleko” by Giboskil on ITV Abuja and on our YouTube channel.
As we continue to save the children’s lives,Here is Teyi & Aleri, frustrated and abandoned due to the crisis in
Mrs Deborah at said 'Thank you' Mrs Deborah Osajie, originally from Edo State, Nigeria. Who has suffered internal illness as
Femty Fatizo, a humanitarian music artist trained/mentored by Frugal Foundation. Femty’s music has touched thousands of lives in Nigeria, UK
We understand how is like to be a victims homelessness or become destitute, the homeless situation can be very traumatic