Our Aim

The aim of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation is to help, support, create awarness and promote the creativity, innovation of individuals with special talents in whatever industry or areas of interest that have not been able to build and expand their vision because of their disadvantaged economic circumstances. In other words, talents who are poor but are geniuses with lofty ambitions and their dreams have been hampered by the sheer unfortunate circumstances of poverty to pursue their vision. The Frugal Empowerment Foundation intends to assist in this respect and to help promote such talents and expand their vision or horizons and to make them success story. Their success will be replicated in terms of income generation and human empowerment to the economy.

What are needed to drive today’s global economy are innovative, creative minds or talents. The world is full of such dynamic people, who are not complacent about their positions or situations but very keen in creating a niche for themselves to change their situations. They want to do things anew or differently to further their course. They embrace anything to pursue their dreams no matter the seeming obstacles or frustrations. At the end, they end up been celebrated going by their accomplishment or successes.