Our Initiatives are centred under three main categories ”Talent Development, Skill Acquisition And Charity.

1) Talents Development Initiative. This programme targets talented youths who show signs of technological
ingenuity. We identify and support those with creative minds to produce devices which benefit their
communities. more at Music Entertainment

2): The Frugal Apprenticeship Initiative: As part of our vision to redefine the economic landscape of the youth through entrepreneurial effort, the
Foundation is also involved in Skill Acquisition Initiative. Under this Initiative, we train the youth in various
capacities to be able to stand their own. We have put in place Skill Acquisition Centre for capacity building
where we train the youth to acquire the necessary skills. The Centre is equipped with state of the art sewing
equipment or facilities for easy learning. In this way, we are helping to build, expand and sustain lasting businesses and inculcate entrepreneurial spirit in them

By this, we would be encouraging small and medium scale business to emerge and to grow. more at Our Projects

3) The Frugal Charity Initiative: This charity support Institutions or homes such as the orphanages, widows
and victims of crisis situations or environments. Crisis settlement camps like IDP camps. We also assists victims of
natural disasters such as mudslides and floods
Again, as an extension of the charity Initiative, we have the Caring Saturday’s Charity Initiative. It is an
initiative which enables us to reach out more frequently to the vulnerable ones on monthly basis. This means that
every Saturday of the month, the needy are organized at a designated location where we distribute relief materials and educate them about community building with our three main principles (To Love, Care, and Support Others to succeed)
All the initiatives mentioned are a way of reaching out to the less privileged and vulnerable in our society.