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tayyib, Author at Frugal Empowerment Foundation

Uplands Caring Saturday’s Event

Caring Saturday at Uplands: A testament to the greater impact when the kids are involved. Frugal Music Academy students showcased their wonderful musical talents during the event, leaving the elderly community amazed and excited. More at CARING SATURDAY’S

Happy Birthday Grace

May your day be filled with joy and celebration.Your dedication and hard work contribute immenselyto this foundation’s success.Here’s to a fantastic year ahead, filled with accomplishments and happiness Frugal Foundation Board Of Trustees


Gratitude for Community Support To everyone who has thrown their support behind our mission to impact communities, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for dedicating your time, resources, and efforts to make a positive difference. Your contributions are truly appreciated. Best regards, Frugal Foundation Board Of Trustees

Marry Ajiboye

???? Help Mrs. Marry Ajiboye Rebuild her Life! ???? Meet Mrs. Marry Ajiboye, a resilient widow with four children, who dedicated her days to working as a debris remover in Abuja. Despite her hard work, inflation has cruelly eroded her monthly income of #20,000, leaving her struggling to survive even for four days. In a … Read more

FMF Event Participation Rules

Frugal Music Fiesta UK Singing & Dancing Competition Participants Rules In order to qualify for a prize, participants must showcase their talent by singing or dancing to at least one song from the Frugal Entertainment Record Label’s repertoire, as listed on our website. Please select one song that you can perform exceptionally well and commit … Read more