New Political Narrative:

Nigerian Youths Must Fight to Win

It is no longer news that the It is no longer news that the 2023 general election in Nigeria is coming with new wave in the political climate. Before now what is the tradition would been the top two party’s; APC’s and PDP’s candidates throwing tantrums and washing their dirty linen in the public in a manipulative move to distract the populace on the prevailing issues bedeviling the nation.

But the build up to the 2023 general election has come with new intrigues, especially with the impact the Labour Party-LP brought into the contest. Their acceptance of Peter Obi and his eventual emergence as the party’s presidential flag bearer in the February 2023 contest has brought about a youth awakening and national awareness.

First, it was a claim that it was just a social media population who has no physical presence, then, the narrative that the party had no structure and what it takes to win an election at the national level. Soon, there came the frantic effort by the two tops to dent the image of the candidate who continued to gain acceptance and support across tribes and religions.
Today, it is now a trios contest; at least, evidently in terms of popularity. Even though we have 16 others in the contest, their names barely resonate beyond their region and close associates.

Importantly however, is the insinuation that there are efforts by the top twos to use unjust means in winning the polls. The deploying of thugs to harass the mass movements launched by the Obidients in various quarters and the engagement of influencers to gaslight and demoralize the youths who look to be very determined to rescue the nation from miss-governance, points to the progress the LP and her supporters have garnered as the days continue to draw near.

It is therefore worthy of mention that the youths must gear up to fight this battle to the finish. As the campaign days commence in September, more efforts will be made by the two tops who seem to be united in trying to pull down the LP candidate and demoralize their supporters.

They, (the youths) should know that a better nation cannot come without resolute determination. Nothing ever became possible by considering realities and statics. Change makers stir up a new narrative by working against realists and known status quo. The impossibilities in the mind of low thinkers are the moving force of change makers. History is waiting, posterity is jotting, what will eventually matter is the fact that the youths stayed focused, compact and resilience to win this war.

The tomorrow is now, the future is here, the youths must fight to win.
Written by O Joshua Chuks, FEF Media Content Editor

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