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Today, we celebrate one of the Frugal Foundation music artist of our time “Willy Blinkz” whose music has impacted thousands of people today.
happy birthday

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What we promised you from the very beginning , now a music studio has now been build at Edo State to empower talented artist in the state.

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Today, we celebrate one of our music icon, a nation building music artist, the Afromaster, a music legend to be, Mr Miracle whose music band is Loso. Happy birthday

Loso-Na Wayo

Our efforts to educate young leaders across Africa grows daily. Thanks to all our partners and volunteers

Today, we celebrate this young lady “Miss Grace Ojiji” to whom thousands of the less privileged’s live has been touched positively and who is also the the Secretary of the great community project “Frugal Empowerment Foundation”

Weather Condition “England & Wales

Please stay safe and ask others to do the same to save more lives

Support the Elderly at Donate

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Valentine’s Day Music Entertainment, 14th February 2022. 7:30pm UK time

let get the best from Frugal Entertainment this Valentine’s Day as Mr Peter Osezua will be hosting this music section to entertain everyone in the community as a way to ease those isolated or in a state of loneliness. Become a part of this at Signup

Caring Saturday’s For Elderly UK

Today, we celebrate the Mums and Dads who survived the pandemic using the Caring Saturday’s event UK. They were entertained with dancing, storytelling, gifts and a lot more.
As the FEF Founder (Mr Peter Osezua) said “The storm is over, now is the time to show our parents loved and relief them from loneliness and isolation.

Our great thanks to our Team, sponsors and members to whose contributions this history event became reality. Show the Elderly love by supporting at

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FEF Benue State. More at Benue state

Today, we are acknowledging the humanitarian works been carried out by Mrs Suh Felicitas, the founder of “Helping Hands foundation Cameroon as she continues to support the less privileged widows in her community “Bamenda Nkwen”.

Thank you for your life saving works Felicitas


Nothing strikes our hearts, minds, and soul rather than seeing our elderly parents being isolated or in one state of loneliness. we are here to change that. Frugal Foundation UK is determined to work with those concerned to reach out to the Elderly. Especially during the Covid-19 restrictions to which the elderlies are mostly the victims. Join the thousand of UK Elderly supporters weekly/monthly at

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Next week Saturday, we are reaching out to the elderly once again on the Caring Saturday’s. Please join us to remember to Elderlies this season.



Happiness isn’t just having the wealth you deserve, but doing what brings you joy, especially when it impacts someone else’s live. This is what Frugal Empowerment Foundation is bringing into our community today. “To love, care and support others to succeed” which forms her basic principles.
Thanks to Greenwich Council for giving us the opportunity to make an impact once more, members of this great foundation. We are all grateful for the Balmy Summer Day event.

Our determination to save a child’s life grows daily.
with £1 or £5 monthly, you can help feed a child.

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We want sincerely want to thank you, who turned up for this Balmy Summer Day event, It was wonderful and very colourful And we want to appreciate the Greenwich Council for giving us the opportunity to make this impact. And to all our team, you guys are remarkable and thanks for your efforts.

Please join Frugal Foundation on this outdoor event

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We have been approved by Greenwich Council to participate in the FOREVER YOUNG event, coming up, this Friday the 10th September 2021. We will be offering the following charitable services for free
1.Face painting
2.Free party 🎊 bags for kids
Music entertainment
Greenwich testimonies
Come out in your great numbers let's celebrate 🎉 , come along with your kids, come one, come all.

How Frugal Foundation is supporting community during COVID-19 in Woolwich, Greenwich. More at United Kingdom

As time goes on,we are gearing towards one of our most impacting charitable event “Caring Saturday” strictly for the Elderly @ UK, We are proving our undying love for them and also to appreciate their efforts for being hopeful and courageous and not giving up during this COVID -19 pandemic

As our efforts to support the elderly grows, Uplands UK

Elderly UK

The nucleus of the Frugal Foundation

New music video release by Hilda Muna-Mashup ft 10 popular artists song tracks. Audio downloads at Shop



As the Covid-19 virus continues to spread across the world, authorities working hard to combat the spread and to save lives, the fear, whether to take vaccine, which provides hope as a source of remedy to cure the disease. More at Covid-19 Project UK


Do Not Let This Baby Die Kids

Twin Babies who lost Mum at birth battles for survival Twin baby lost their mum

More details at Kids

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As many wonders the strength behind the great nation building charitable organisation “Frugal Empowerment Foundation”, this month, we are celebrating the heroes whose great contributions have impacted over 778,170 less privileged’s lives within 4 years. Thank you 🙏 for believing in us.