• This June 2022, Our project centred on caring for the Elderly to relief their isolation and to provide them with social wellbeing through music, story telling, comedy using the Frugal Foundation Caring Saturday’s charity initiative. More at Caring Saturday’s . Please, Join us support the Elderly UK this month at

Building on our community work in Greenwich, our project is running a series of Caring Saturday’s events to enable communities to come together and engage with and support local vulnerable people.

The latter will be offered a entertainment, and all will have the opportunity to share their stories, and with them, we will consider we could offer them support including helping to identify area of their needs

Relevant government agencies, Charities, and community groups will be invited to the event to explain their services and explore with the vulnerable groups how they can best be supported. In Greenwich.

Expected Project outcomes

The Elderly feels a sense of relief from isolation through entertainment activities and their wellbeing improved

FEF 5th Year Anniversary 2022

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The prevention or relief of poverty anywhere in the world, but particularly in the UK, by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient

By providing: Grants, Items, and services to individuals in needs/or charities, or organizations working to prevent or relief poverty anywhere in the world, but particularly in Nigeria


  • It is on the promises to see the wellbeing of the vulnerable, our vision is born
  • To elevate millions the of youths including children, orphans, widows and those in crisis environment from poverty through the series of our live saving initiative

The Frugal Foundation was established fundamentally on the premise of reducing the alarming level poverty, hunger and deprivation that has infested our economic landscape or society. It sought to give hope to the hapless talented youths in our mists, to support them to actualize their vision. That is, the unsung potential heroes of talented youths who operate from economic disadvantaged background. This Foundation wants to affect their lives by supporting and encouraging them to be a success story in the environment they otherwise considered impossible to make a difference in their lives. The Foundation is poised in redefining their perceptions, purpose, and prospects by giving them the needed support to succeed.

We intend to actualize this vision by supporting them wholeheartedly financially, materially and morally to enable them to pursue and accomplish their vision

To this effect, we have put in place some structures in terms of procedures and processes to enable us to implement these lofty objectives and responsibilities proactively, effortlessly and seamlessly.

One of such processes to identify and selecting the potential talents to enable us sustain these efforts is by first conducting interviews either on line or physically and subsequently inviting the prospective talents to showcase their work/device/product they want to invent and want us support respectively . And this will be done at a rendezvous agreed upon by both parties, which is the Foundation’s representatives and the talent, while taking into consideration the convenience and distance of the individuals concerned. This process would involves giving the prospective inventor ample opportunity to demonstrate practically of what their invention entails are and convincing our team about the social and economic benefits derivable from such project or invention.

We are glad to emphasize here that we work with a team of seasoned professionals with demonstrative abilities and skills in their respective disciplines or industries who are always on ground to assist in this process especially to help determine or to selecting the right talent to be sponsored.

Who is Mr Peter Osezua

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