Miss Eunice Ikpanor (FEF Manager Benue Sate)

Today, we celebrate the young lady “Miss Eunice Ikpanor, Benue state manager of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation, someone to whom over 30,000 lives has been impacted positively in her community, especially her impacts in the lives of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) across her state. Through our platforms, we confirmed Miss Eunice is a leader our community desperately needs right now. Her desire is to make others succeed in their endeavours. She is creative, transparent and very influential, building a successful team.
please join us to congratulate her on this special day in her live. Happy Birthday

8 thoughts on “Miss Eunice Ikpanor (FEF Manager Benue Sate)”

  1. Happy birthday Miss Eunice Ikpanor. Indeed you’ve shown and proven that you’re a good leader. Greater heights are my prayers for you and may all your wishes come to pass. Amen. Shine ✨✨??on girl, the world awaits your success story. See you at the top!?????

  2. Happy birthday Eunice.
    Your comitment, courage, compassion and care are keenly observed and appreciated by FEF global audience. Keep fit and keep caring.
    Remain blessed as you celebrate many more years.

  3. Happy birthday Eunice we the frugal team Benue state chapter appreciate your hard work, passion and dedication towards humanitarian and we pray for strength and more Grace to continue with this great work.


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