Rise Again

The history of the most successful great men and women reveals what many do not want to experience. Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s finest president was recorded to have failed many times before he recorded the victory that saw him become the president. Importantly in the Lincoln’s story is the fact that for every failed attempt he went for the next upper level until he attempted and won to become the US president.

What can I say of our own (Nigeria’s) Wole Soyinka, one of Africa’s and Nigeria’s finest writers? He sat for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board- JAMB (Now Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) according to reports nine times. And going by what JAMB is, it meant that Prof Soyinka fought for nine years before gaining admission to pursue what made him relevant today.

The list is endless if you research from Nigeria to the continent and the entire globe of people who failed and yet ended up a success. Yet disappointedly, our today’s society is such that cannot bear the little period of failure. The ‘it must be a success all the way’ syndrome has made many to quit too soon on some worthwhile project that could have raised them to stardom.

It is important to inform you who desire greatness and success in life that all our success stories would be incomplete with the many spots of failure which we conquered. 

Today we are faced with what may look like moments of failure in many quarters coming from the long and still prevailing COVID impact on the global economies. There is no gainsaying that millions all over the world lost their means of livelihood. It is needless to emphasize that there is a feeling of hopelessness.

It is on this note that we want to charge you to rise again because you can and should rise again. You may have lost so must, it may look like there is no hope nearby, but the fact is you cannot resign to that failure, you cannot give up your hope for a better tomorrow. 

Someone said the COVID period took us all through a learning curve. And we add by saying while some will break in the curve others will shape into some new discoveries and innovations that will shake the world. And you could be one among that few. You still have a chance to rise again.

It doesn’t matter if you lost all. Maybe you are displaced by crisis or lost your job to the COVID pandemic, all hope is not lost. Displacement is temporary, progress is consistent. No dream is lost to failure but all are lost when we quit trying. Success is not measured by when but by success; just succeed at your time and you are a success. 

In the race of life, we all do not get to start at the same time and cannot all finish or succeed at the same time. We don’t fall and fail at the same time. That you fall is pronounced doesn’t mean it is the most fatal. Each of us get to fall at one point or the other, we cry at different times; some in the public and others privately. Still there many who hardly shed a tear but rend their hearts. We don’t get to see everyone’s wounds and bruises but we all are carrying the scars of victory to our success. You are not alone in the fight.

We rise again because your victory is an inspiration to others

We say rise again because that fall is not meant to keep you down.

Yes COVID can and pulled you down, as it is passing on you must rise again.

We all fall but not to stay on the floor but to rise again.

Remember as a child, you must have heard your parents and people around who witnessed your fall as a growing child say to you STAND UP, Rise up, get up… this is because our fall is expected and anticipated by the society but they look forward and count on our ability to rise again. 

No child who fell while running would refuse to run again. They will always rise to try again. To get yourself back on track to that success you desired you have to not only rise again, but you must rise to try again. 

Because you failed an exam doesn’t disqualify you for education. Life doesn’t offer people success who have not proved that they desire nothing but success. If you give up after a fall, then you never even made an attempt.

At Frugal, we know that people must fall, mistakes are inevitable but they all fade away from memory under a persistent and determined spirit. For every rise after a fall, failure becomes a toy in the hands of an achiever.

You need to rise to try again.

Article By Frugal Empowerment Foundation, email:info@frugalempowermentfoundation.org 

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