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The Pursuit of Peace - Frugal Empowerment Foundation

The Pursuit of Peace

Evidently as boundaries that separate physically continue to fade away with an increase in migration and intercultural marriage and interstate and inter-tribal business transaction and partnership; it is disappointing to notice that we have failed to grow out of our primitive sentiment of division when it comes to leadership and who governs us. This has allowed power-hungry individuals and greedy fellows to hide under the umbrella of leadership and manipulate us. They remind us of the fact that we were very different from the beginning and forget to remind us of how the world is been reduce to a global village by the technologies developed by societies who pursue and preserve internal peace.

 There is nothing that divides two brothers like selfish interests. There is nothing that has divided a home like the fight of w to take the first turn and the greed of denying others their opportunity as agreed from the beginning. 

The truth remains that no society be it a first, second or third world that has and will ever achieve peace until they beginning a conscious pursuit of it. To pursue peace is the best form of understanding in life. The fact is that peace is the most essential factor that determines the ability of a man to drive in life. Without internal peace, outer peace is totally impossible. 

Internal peace is only attained when we adopt what we call the social idealistic principle of Love, Care and Support for one another. It is said that if you treat people the way they are they become worse, but if you treat them the way you want them to be they get better. 

The fight for peace must be deliberate and consistent, because without peace is a society, growth in all ramifications is almost impossible. With a peaceful mind one can be futuristic and hopeful because inner peace brings vision and inspires hope. This allows for brilliance, the ability to plan and pursue dreams with determination.

To pursue peace you don’t need to have the whole world in your bank account, you do need to be the wealthiest person first. Riches are not a guarantee of a peaceful life. Someone can be the richest person in the world and still do not have peace. Peace is a virtue and it comes from following the principle of love that the Almighty gave us, “Love your neighbour as yourself”.

Acquiring peace can depend on how you choose to live with people around you. Whether or not you are concerned about ensuring the comfort of those around you determines if you will be surrounded by peace or not. When provide them with peace, they too will bring peace in your life. 

Getting peace from people and our society does not depend so much on what others are doing as it depends on what we all do individually. Peace obeys the law of reciprocal; it is simply natural for it to come back to those who desire it for others.

A man without peace lacks joy and Happiness and can sometimes be unable to think in order to pursue greater things in life. Life without peace can also be miserable and can lead to many unresolved disputes, early loss of lives, isolation, loneliness, etc.

 No nation can exist without peace, without peace a nation or community is far from progress. The reason we encounter wars and communal problems which is the hallmark of underdevelopment and poverty is because we are not deliberate, conscious, and dedicated to the course and pursuit of peace.

The time therefore is now! Let us wake up. Let us call for peace and consciously pursue it. Let us make sacrifices for the comfort of each other because peace is a product of sacrifice, the choice of others before ones’ self is the antidote for achieving peace. 

It is therefore wise for all of us to pursue peace wherever we find ourselves and seek the good of each other. Lets’ lead a peaceful life, knowing how valuably benefiting a peaceful society can be. We can do it, Frugal believes we can.

Article By Frugal Empowerment Foundation, email:info@frugalempowermentfoundation.org 

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