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Finding Your Purpose - Frugal Empowerment Foundation

Finding Your Purpose

Living without knowing the reason we are alive can be very disastrous. Without knowing purpose life can be so frustrating to live as you find yourself trying to fit into a world you were originally created to come and have your relevance.

Sadly and arguably very few people pass through this life fulfilled. Fulfillment is not a function of wealth, riches, affluence, or even education. It is a function of purpose. So the primary thing anyone born into the world must, as a matter of priority give attention to early in life is to discover their purpose in life.

If you don’t know where you are going all road may lead you to a destination, and all vehicles can call your attention to join their travel. But when you know where you are headed, you will know the garage to head and the vehicle to board, and you are almost certain to reach your desired destination.

Purpose is our compass to a productive, profitable, and fulfilling life. To live a purposeful life begins with self-realization. You need to find yourself in the midst of the crowd. There a reason for your beauty, handsomeness, large or small body, voice, ability, and agility, etc. if you don’t know it, you will think you have it for a show-off and it will become your ruin instead of been your reward.

As part of the Frugal Initiative, talent discovery, and development as well as skill-acquisition, has helped quite a lot of young people to find their path towards purposeful living. 

It is purpose discovery and development that can lead a local youth to become a legend. That is why we encourage everyone to engage themselves positively in line with whatever talent or skill they may have, and find time to acquire more. 

If the world is filled with fifty percent of people who have found purpose and fulfilling it, they will be greater technology more than we have in our contemporary times.

Think of a prince who is heir apparent to his father’s throne who does not know it. Think of how he will comport himself before the people you should have later rule over. Imagine the avoidable mistakes he would make. You can see him doing unspeakable things as the king’s son, taking actions that will ruin his chances to the throne.

This is the case of a man/boy/woman/girl who does not know what purpose of his/her God-given beauty or brain or both. Certainly, they will abuse the gift and talent entrusted to them by God and will ruin the chances of a purposeful life by those whose success depends on their success.

TO find your purpose in life you must be

Willing to learn

Willing to make sacrifice

Ready to be used

Be ready to serve

Be ready to stay

Be ready to be committed

Be ready to hold back when and where necessary

Be prepared to make your own mistakes and correct them

Be conscious not to repeat the mistake of others- You should learn from their experiences 

Understand the principle of time

Value leadership 

Find your mentor, know and understand their principles

The suffering of every generation is tied to a purpose that was not found, harnessed and delivered for the benefit of that generation. You came with a solution.

There is nothing that leads to failure in leadership like lack of purposefulness in leaders, there is nothing that leads to societal failure than lack of purpose in the people, there is nothing that leads to abuse of friendship like lack of purpose, there is nothing that makes a family fail like lack of purpose, there is nothing that leads to frustration in life like lack of purpose. 

Finding your purpose must take the primary position of you searching not money, finding your purpose must take the front seat in you academics not certificates and fulfilling your purpose should be your priority at work, not the pay package. If you can do this we are certain you face will always glow no matter the situation you are in or the condition of work where you are engaged.

Do nothing first before finding your purpose

Do nothing else more than developing yourself for your purpose

Do nothing else in life that is not tied to fulfilling your purpose.

Article By Frugal Empowerment Foundation, email:info@frugalempowermentfoundation.org 

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