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The WORK- Willing Openness and Ready Knowledge Principle - Frugal Empowerment Foundation

The WORK- Willing Openness and Ready Knowledge Principle

 Having a dream and vision for a future is good but acting to actualise the desired and dreamed future is even more important. Many times you see people wandering around, carrying big dreams and visions of a great future. Some young people even stupidly become stubborn because they claim to be living their future before it comes. Sadly, this attitude turns the hands of destiny to the negative as they would mostly arrive at a destiny, a future filled with sadness, struggles and pains. The sad news is that many of them take to crime to maintain status quo and appear to have achieved the future they talked about having from the onset.

Many of the challenges we are facing today may not be that of total lack of dreams and visions but that of failure to act in the direction of our dreams and visions. Success in life is not a product of mere dreams. Anyone can dream and anyone can have a vision of a great future but not all who have dreams eventually actualises it.

To actualize your vision, you have to work hard on it. Sometimes it takes a lot of efforts and sacrifices. Many people have missed opportunities to achieve their desires because opportunities don’t come with the tag ‘OPPORTUNITY”. Everyone is searching for it, and many are passing by it unable to identify it because it comes clothed with HARD WORK. 

The path to our destiny may look like the path of a raw gold through the furnace; it can sometimes be destructive with too many obstacles on the way. However, it is important to understand that actualising ones’ dream and vision is a battle one must fight to win.  Raw gold in the furnace goes through till it comes out a shining lustre. Until we can stay through our furnace we cannot come out shining like gold.

To go through the stages of reaching your destiny must be well thought out and prepared for. The picture of the path that leads to our destiny is what is referred to as vision. Once you identify it you have to plan to pass through.

You need to draw your plans from the vision itself and determine to break the obstacles along the path. The key thing is to identify the factors, measure it to see if the obstacles can be dealt with positively. Then determine to act and stay through on the process until success is achieved. 

After planning and getting the required knowledge on how to go, you must take action, go-ahead to start your execution. Nothing happens without action. Opportunities are on the go, only those travelling their route will catch up with them. Get up and get going.

To be great in life, dreams and visions are never enough. Vision without work will take you to nowhere. Get out of the bed of dreams and hit the road of work and you will certainly get to your desired destiny. 

Vision is a tool that works for only those who work hard for it. The essence of vision is for it to be acted upon. The reason we picture the process that should lead us to our destination is for us to take up our bags to travel the path that leads to our destiny.

No architect will like to have a building sketch that only ends on paper. The primary purpose of having a building plan is to build. Vision and dreams don’t make destiny, acting on them bring it to reality. 

The secret to greatness in any field of endeavour is work. Give everything you do the WORK-Willing Openness and Ready Knowledge it deserves and you will see yourself rise to stardom. Work your way through to destiny and the world will celebrate you. For you to actualise your dreams and purpose, it will take working on a plan drawn from the vision obtained from your dreams.

Article By Frugal Empowerment Foundation, email:info@frugalempowermentfoundation.org 

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