Happy New Month: Welcome to the second half of 2024!

As we step into July, we reflect on the remarkable journey we’ve had so far and look forward with optimism and determination to the months ahead. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated members, generous donors, and passionate supporters. Your unwavering commitment and contributions have empowered us to make significant strides in our mission … Read more

World Drug Day 2024 Message from Frugal Empowerment Foundation

Today, as we commemorate World Drug Day, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation (FEF) stands united with communities across the globe to raise awareness about the devastating impact of drug abuse and the crucial need for prevention. This year’s theme, “The evidence is clear: invest in prevention,” underscores the importance of proactive measures to combat the scourge … Read more

Eid al-Adha Mubarak All Muslim Faithfuls

On this blessed occasion of Id el Kabir, also known as Eid al-Adha, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation extends warm greetings and best wishes to all our Muslim brothers and sisters around the globe. As you come together with family and friends to commemorate the profound act of faith and obedience exemplified by Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), … Read more

FEF Calls for Global Collaboration to Alleviate Sufferings of the Vulnerable

As the world grapples with unprecedented economic hardships, it is imperative that we come together to support those who are most affected. The economic downturn has exacerbated the challenges faced by many, pushing the most vulnerable populations to the brink of despair. Economic crises tend to hit the vulnerable hardest, making it crucial for us … Read more

FEF Initiatives are lifelines for those in need

Frugal Empowerment Foundation’s charity works transcend the mere notion of kindness; they embody a lifeline for individuals grappling with adversity and hardship. Each initiative undertaken by the Foundation serves as a beacon of hope, offering tangible support and solace to those navigating challenging circumstances. From providing essential resources to offering educational opportunities and healthcare assistance, … Read more

FEF MARCH 2024 Newsletter Headline

Nurturing Seeds of Hope and Compassion As we step into March, I find myself reflecting on the journey we’ve undertaken together. The Frugal Empowerment Foundation is not just an organization; it’s a collective force of compassion, resilience, and love. In this month’s newsletter, I want to share a few thoughts that echo the spirit of … Read more

Edo State:

Caring Saturdays: Edo set for”Prison Impact” Edo State, Nigeria — Frugal Empowerment Foundation (FEF) is breaking new ground in its commitment to community care with an upcoming Caring Saturday event at a Correctional Facility in Edo State. This unique initiative, aptly themed “Prison Impact,” reflects FEF’s dedication to extending compassion and support to individuals within … Read more