Frugal, Crystal Education Media Joins Forces, Celebrate 2023 International Day for Charity at Havima Orphanage Home

Abuja, Nigeria – September 5, 2023 In commemoration of the 2023 International Day for Charity, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation (FEF) and Crystal Education Media (CEM) have come together in a heartwarming partnership to bring joy and support to the children of Havima Orphanage Home. This collaboration exemplifies the significance of collective responsibility in fostering positive … Read more

Int’l Day for Charity: Frugal Advocates the Meaningful Impact of Charity and Humanitarian Work

On this International Day for Charity, the Frugal Empowerment Foundation (FEF) stands as a shining example of the profound difference charity and humanitarian efforts can make in the lives of individuals and communities. Founded on the principles of compassion and empowerment, FEF believes that charity is not just about giving; it’s about creating meaningful change … Read more

Frugal Empowerment Founder Advocates Universal Contribution to Humanity’s Betterment

In a compelling message of altruism and social responsibility, Mr. Frugal, the visionary founder of Frugal Empowerment, has fervently emphasized the power of collective efforts towards the betterment of humanity. In an exclusive interview, Mr. Frugal articulated the significance of volunteering, raising awareness, and extending help to those in need as pivotal pathways to positive … Read more

The Future of African Children Without Basic Necessities Hangs in the Balance; Frugal Empowerment Foundation Offers Hope

The Future of the AfricanChild who have noaccess to food, shelterand clothing hanges in thebalance. Their Hopeis raised wheneveryou think it right tosupport FEF. Frugal In a world marked by progress and technological advancements, it is disheartening to acknowledge that countless African children continue to face dire circumstances, lacking access to basic necessities such as … Read more

Peter Osezua: Man With Heart for Humanity

Mr. Peter Osezua recognized the extreme levels of poverty faced by the less privileged in our community and took action to address the it. Reportedly, through his efforts, over a million lives have been positively impacted. Mr. Peter’s passion for helping the less privileged started in June 2017 when he released a video titled “What … Read more


Donate to Save a Child

The FEF Save The Child Campaign is set to impact over 300 thousand crisis victim kids in Nigeria. These children who are mostly orphans as a result of crisis they know nothing about will through the Frugal STC Campaign have the hope of a little face lift and hope this November-December 2022. The campaign however … Read more